A platinum players opinion on every midlane champion P.2

A platinum players opinion on every midlane champion
So, before we get into this shitshow, let me give you my credentials. I've been playing league on and off for about 3, maybe even 4 years. I've been platinum for all those years, and is currently climbing back up after a bit of a break.
So, as the title suggests, this is a platinum players opinion on every mid lane champion in the game... Part 2, of course. I said I'd have this finished like 3 days ago, for anybody that cares. That was clearly a lie, but ya know. School and stuff. I gave a long instruction as to my credentials and how I ranked champions in part one, and I suggest you go check that one out first. But for now, as I need to hurry up and finish my actual school-work, let's just jump into it, shall we. ----- {{champion:74}} D All hail the Donger. Except don't, cus he's in actuality a very bad champion. The main problem with the donger is that he doesn't really do anything that'll win you the game. He's annoying in lane and might eek out an advantage there, but so can a dozen other mid laners who are all better roamers, skirmishers or team fighters. Even when Heimerdinger gets fed, he doesn't really do anything except become more annoying. And while feeding on the agony of the enemy laner might sound fun, the thing is... Just pick {{champion:238}} and towerdive them every 60 seconds until they rage-quit. If you want to siege, just pick {{champion:101}}. All these champions are simply better at what Heimerdinger does. The problem with Heimerdinger is mostly just in how his towers work. They are his main form of DPS, but they are 1, easy to destroy with AOE damage or AOE stuns, both of which there are a lot of in teamfights. Secondly, if he sets them up somewhere, he can't very quickly or easily move them. He needs 1-2 seconds to set up all his towers, and by then, a lot of damage has already been dealt. Ofc he can use his ulti to buff his other two spells, but even then, it's rarely enough to warrant picking him. There are better burst combos than his grenade into ulti-rockets, since it's easy to miss and can be blocked by tanks. His ultimate-stun can be very disruptive, but it doesn't deal much damage and is easy to dodge. Simply put, Heimerdinger doesn't do much, and that's why he's ranked D. ----- {{champion:39}} B Irelia is, put simply, a decent and unique fighter/assassin hybrid. She doesn't have quite the same amount of burst other assassins have, but make up for it in other areas, sort of making her like {{champion:245}} , actually. Though, where Ekko fails by focusing a bit too much on utility and losing out on power, Irelia hits a balance in which her utility supports her raw power. She is perhaps one of the most mobile characters in the game, for one, assuming a good set-up, which good Irelias can use to be amazingly slippery and frustrating to deal with. This mobility is actually stronger in mid-lane, where there are a lot more skillshots than what can be found in top lane. Her stun is a very safe form of engage, where if she doesn't hit it, she simply doesn't have to follow up on it. And if she does hit it, she's pretty much guaranteed a good engage. Couple with it some good late game utility, and it's a fine ability. Her W is also more relevant in mid-lane, versus champions like {{champion:45}} or {{champion:134}} , where there's a lot more bursty dmg to block. And that's where his primary strength lies, as an anti-mage bully, that scales into a mix between a fighter and an assassin. Also, her mobility and CC Is more useful mid as good tools for roaming or skirmishing around dragon, a thing she does pretty well. Her weakness though is actually versus assassins. People who have the mobility to dodge her stun or simply dash through her ultimate barriers will have a much easier time vs her, and it becomes mostly a skill-matchup of who can dodge the other players damage the best - Although she is generally on the losing side, due to the fact that she will never have the kind of burst the assassins have. Another weakness of hers is that she's relatively reliant on snowballing, even compared to other assassins. Because she's not a burst champion, at least not to the degree of your usual assassin. Similarly to Ekko, her damage is delayed and/or unreliable, which makes her vulnerable to being cc-chained or burst herself, which makes her natrually worse at team-fighting compared to the assassins that can pop a carry in a second. The way around this is to be so far ahead that you can just steam-roll people anyways, which is where her reliance on snowballing comes from. And these limitations, similarly to Ekko, is what places her at B-tier. ----- {{champion:126}} B Jayce is a bully, and a meanie... And that's about it. All his strengths and all his weaknesses revolve around this, and support the playstyle of dominating the lane, then hoping to win before late-game ever arrives. He mainly does this by having an insanely effective early-game kit, as he has 6 basic abilities, which essentially means he has double the damage potential of most other champions, which is ovbiously massive when trying to fight in the early game, whether for a kill in lane, for dragon, or for a skirmish bot. Now, you might think that he starts to fall off after level 6, as he doesn't have an ultimate, and ultimates are supposed to be the strongest abilities a champion has. But the thing is that a lot of ultimates are not necessarily powerful in a duel or scattered early game skirmish. Champions like {{champion:61}}, {{champion:25}}, {{champion:101}}, and {{champion:8}} all have powerful ultimates, but they're not as powerful in the context of a duel. And that's where Jayce's single-target, very aggressive basic abilities come into play. Ofc, his weakness is the reverse. While his lack of an ultimate in turn for more basic abilities may favor him in the early game, it means he has a lack of impact in the late game. The four examples I gave earlier will pretty much always have a greater impact in teamfights due to this, even if they're behind on gold and levels, strictly because of how the game evolves into teamfights. This means that Jayce not only has to get a gold advantage, because of his kit, he has to finish before teamfights ever break out. A champion like {{champion:238}} does also fall off, and does rely on a gold advantage as well, but can still have a bigger impact on teamfights due to how good his ultimate is, and therefore is relevant longer into the game. Jayce is, in this manner, the definition of a feast or famine champion, with a huge risk behind his strong early game. The reason he's B-tier is that he's only good in very, very fast metas that can support his playstyle, alongside the fact that even so, he's not guarenteed to win the lane. The aforementioned {{champion:238}} and others like {{champion:134}} or {{champion:91}} all have ultimates that are both effective in the early game duels and skirmishes, but also allows them to scale up and be relevant throughout the game. And that is Jayce's biggest flaw, the fact that there's very little reason to go so all out on a good early game and sacrifice all hope for the late game when a champion like {{champion:238}} can both dominate early, but also be relevant late game. ----- {{champion:30}} D Karthus, like {{champion:63}}, no longer even shows up as a midlaner anymore when the lane is chosen in champ select. Tragic... That aside, Karthus's fall from grace in mid-lane is not completely undeserved. He has a lot of flaws, flaws that, ultimately, are too big for his upsides to outweigh. Mainly, Karthus is a very, very weak laner, one of the weakest in fact. He has very little kill pressure, and all he wants to do is sit back and farm, and avoid trades at all if possible. This is because for one, he has awful mana troubles, and two, his kit is very easy to play around. Stay out of range, and his E is useless. Keep moving, and his Q because very easy to avoid, and since he has to hit it not once, not twice, but many times, his ability to fight back becomes very unreliable and depends a lot on his opponent. He has okay waveclear, but it's very mana-consuming. Add to that that he has no real way of defending himself against ganks or assassins, and that he has no real way to get into reach of longe-range control or poke-mages, and his weakness in lane becomes quite apparent. Now Karthus's dream is the late game, specifically, 5+ items plus late game, where he wants to go balls deep into the enemy team, Zhonyas, then die, then ulti. And, make no mistake, this does deal a fuck ton of damage late game. The main problems though are the fact that heh as no real way of getting that deep. He has no mobility, nor any hard CC, making him reliant on support for his team. Beyond that, this is very, very delayed, and easy to respond to. Just CC him and keep away. Alternatively, shield and/or heal your allies to negate his dps, since it's slow enough to easily respond to. Simply put, there are many champions who do what Karthus does, but better. Even what might be seen as his saving grace, his map-wide ultimate is not enough to save him. This is simply because in the early game, 200 damage here or there is seldom enough to swing a fight either way. And if it could be useful, it's cooldown is so long - In fact, it's the longest cooldown on a champion ability in the game - that you seldom can use it when you'd want to. At best, Karthus is subpar. At worst, he's useless. And that's why he's ranked D. ----- {{champion:38}} C Kassadin has a lot going for him, among which the fact that he's probably the best assassin late game currently in league. His weakness? That his early/mid game is so pathetically bad that getting to said late game is about as likely as you becoming the prime minister of great brittain. On a somewhat more serious note, the problems with Kassadin is that he sort of flips the idea of being an assassin on its head. Normally, assassins want to snowball early, through roaming, skirmishing and a lane kill here or there, and then snowball. For Kassadin, that's an impossible task, mainly due to the fact that he doesn't gain his mobility until after level 6. Until then, you are a sitting duck with no ability to fight back at all. Beyond that, however, is the fact that his ultimate is not very strong early. This is because you need to stack it, so that it deals more dmg. But doing that costs more mana, and means that, 1, you're likely to run yourself dry before you can even get it to high enough stacks to deal sufficient damage, and 2, that your all-in is an all-in. If you fail, you're out of mana. And likely, you don't have enough mana to ulti out, meaning you're quite screwed. Couple with that his q is worthless vs a lot of champions in the mid lane, like {{champion:238}} and {{champion:91}}, which is extra bad since those are the dominant laners you, as a Kassadin player, need to watch out for the most. That being said, I can not understate how powerful Kassadin becomes after level 11. He sort of unlocks at that level, and at that point you should have enough mana to be able to get your ultimate to a sufficient number of stacks. With the right-set up, you can literally get an ultimate with less than 1 second long cooldown. No, that is not a joke. And that amount of mobility is insane and allows him to pull of some insane flanks and other forms of shenanigans. But the problem remains that getting to that point is just impossible. You have no way to fight for yourself in lane, no sustain, no way to escape ganks pre-level 6. THE ONLY matchups he can manage are vs other really slow farming mages, like {{champion:45}} or {{champion:13}}. Those are the only ones who present so little lane pressure that he can possibly survive and fight against. And that's why he earns the C-tier. ----- {{champion:55}} A So Katarina is a really good low-elo stomper. Her kit is very complicated to play, but is also very complicated to play around, which makes her amazing for low-elo one tricks that want to carry their way to a high rank om pure mechanics. At higher levels, where people generally get better at playing around her dagger-mechanic, you'll have to keep up and become absolutely amazing with her to succeed. Though, if you like that challange, go right ahead. Katarina's strenghts and weaknesses are not very complicated to understand. She's pretty weak pre-level 6 because of her long cooldowns, and the fact that she has to commit if she wants to trade. Again, you might be able to sneak in some kills on people who don't play around your daggers, but don't expect that to work at high gold +. After level 6 though, as with many champions, you enter god mode, and that is when you, as a Katarina, has to go hard. Constantly. Not only do you become very capable of killing people in lane, you also become really deadly in 2v2 skirmishes in the jungle, during roams or during dragon fights in bot. Katarina might actually be the best skirmisher in mid-lane, if I'm being perfectly honest. However, her weakness, as with most assassins, lie in the late game. Though, her late game is also perhaps the worst in mid-lane, because of her mechanics. Everybody knows to just save your stun for Katarina, and she becomes useless. But beyond that, her dagger mechanic makes her very predictable. You don't wanna blink to a dagger just to have an {{champion:103}} predict your movement and fire a charm at where you're going to land. Again, these problems are lessened at lower ranks, which is why she stomps them, but in higher ranks, people will learn of these counter-measures. Thisi s also why you don't only want to fight early, you HAVE TO FIGHT EARLY. Katarina is a champion that always wants things to happen when her ultimate is off cooldown, always, no matter the circumstance. You can not sit in lane and farm for 2 minutes, or even 1. You need to go out of your way to make things happen, which is probably harder than any part of her mechanics. Though, again, she's really, really good at that. This very polarized weakness, this very feast or famine-style of play is what earns her the A-rank. ----- {{champion:96}} Kog-maw - B This might seem like madness, but I stand by the fact that AP Kog-maw is actually pretty good, as a late-game monster. Granted, this might be my nostalgia, but I'll justify it all the same. Kog'Maw holds a very special place as a late-game poke champion, together with {{champion:101}} and {{champion:115}} . Now, the poke playstyle - In general - scales pretty badly, because of how life-steal works. It's also pretty bad in the early-game, because you don't have the mana to poke somebody down, usually. It excels in the mid-game, using it's long range to force people off towers and dragons and such without ever actually risking a real fight, which is another spot where poke-champions usually falter. Kog'maw follows this playstyle pretty closely, with a few exceptions. Firstly, your early-game is atrocious. It's really, really fucking bad. You barely have any ability to fight back what so ever, and all you really want to do is spam your E to waveclear. After level 6, it's the same. Compared to Xerath, your ability to assist your team at all in the early game is just null and void. You do not have the damage to kill anybody, nor the mana to poke anybody down really. That's not to say you're useless, your main strenght is that you can one-shot an entire minion wave for less than 200 mana from the other side of the lane, which might sound lame, but is actually fucking insane if you think about it. It makes it almost impossible for you to be engaged on, because you're so far away, and they'll almost never be able to pressure you or your tower. Another weakness compared to Xerath is that you take a really long time to power up. It's around level 11 that you start to feel your power, because that's when you can start to just spam your ulti at people like it's the fourth of july. And at this point, your damage is comparable to Xeraths, and yours actually has a longer range than his. Where you really dominate as Kog'maw is in the late game, as a madhouse carry that can spam out insane amounts of damage with your ultimate on the backline from over a screen away, while also providing a lot more utility than Xerath, by using your ultimate for scouting, and your E for crowd-control. This might seem like a meme, but I can not understate how effective Kog'maw can be in the very late game, like 4 items +. All that being said, I can not ignore Kog'maws massive weakness of being incapable of doing anything except waveclear pre level 6, and not much after that until level 11. This seriously hampers Kog'Maw's ability to carry his team, whether through a massive amount of kills, or through map pressure, which is what earns him his B-spot. ----- {{champion:7}} A Leblanc is very comparable to {{champion:55}} actually, with a few differences in how they play out the early game. Overall though, their strenghts are both as early-game powerhouses that want to snowball out of control, before their poor scaling ever catches up to them. Leblanc, like Katarina, scales very poorly. Her range is rather short, and the majority of her damage comes from her W, forcing her to get on top of her opponent, which might be impossible if the target is behind a wall of fatties, or suicidal if they have an {{champion:12}} standing besides them. You don't become useless, but you need to pull of risky flanks, or get picks to do anything past 30 minutes. Her strenghts then are at snowballing, and comparing her and Katarina, Leblanc is better at laning pre-lvl 6, being able to pressure a lot of laners off of the minion wave if you're playing ballsy, and pretty even afterward. She has better map mobility, being able to go over walls, while Katarine only really has mobility within fights, and she's better at roaming because of her cc. Though, where she loses out is in skirmishes, because of her lack of AOE. Leblanc really likes unfair fights, where she gets the jump on a low ADC, or killing the support in a 2v3 roam bot before the fight at dragon starts, rather than killing everything at the dragon fight. She's also an ally junglers dream, because she is so good at engaging. Her w is very hard for most mid-laners to get away from, and if she lands her chain, it's a guarenteed kill pretty much. On the flipside, engaging on her as an enemy jungler is a nightmare because of her mobility. Like Katarina, you really need to be active with Leblanc. A single botched fight, or a single wasted minute just farming mid will seriously ruin your chances to win the game. Looking for opportunities wherever they lie is a skill in of itself, and the hardest part of Leblancs kit. It also takes a lot of risks. With Leblanc, you can't take the safe-side, really, unless you're already winning super hard. So, that's why she's ranked A. Because of pretty much the same reasons as Katarina. ----- {{champion:127}} B Lissandra's best comparison is probably with {{champion:1}}, and they serve pretty much the same functions. Their main differences lie within that Annie is pure power, while Lissandra has a few more tools to play around with. Generally speaking - At least for solo-queue - I prefer the raw power, as utility is not quite as effective at carrying games, but - Especially in the higher tiers - Lissandra can find some niché uses that Annie may not be able to. Lissandras biggest strength and the reason to play her is as a burst engager. You get in range of a priority target - Either through flash or her E - and then you either stun-lock a single person until your team dog-piles him, or you outright kill them. Now, like I said, Lissandra has a few neat tools to help her compared to Annie. Her passive can be kinda fun in large scale teamfights, giving you some more extended value compared to Annie, assuming you survive past your engage - WHich is not always the case, you often kamikaze -, your q+e gives some long ranged waveclear, your w gives some more reliable CC, your e gives you the mobility you need to engage, and your ultimate can also be used defensively, which has some applications. The main problem, though, is what you're giving up. Annie will pretty much always have more damage than Lissandra does, because of the fact that you very rarely get to use your E for damage. She also has the potential for a multi-person stun, which Lissandra can not do. And these things are really bad things to give up, and I don't think it's generally worth it. I would recomend to just go with Annie, in most situations. The only exception is vs Assassins, because of how good your ultimate is at cucking them. Beyond that, your playstyles are very similiar. Your laning pre-level 6 is pretty chill, after which you start to look for ways to make stuff happen. With Lissandra, you're not really looking for all-ins, because you often don't have the sheer damage needed. Though, your E makes you a god-tier roamer, which is always nice, so try and use that to your advantage. In the mid and late game, your role is mostly to look for picks or good engages wherever you can. Same as with Annie, face-checking always becomes scary - Though not as scary. Though, as much as I have looked down on Lissandra in comparison to Annie, I will say that she is one of the few mid-laners who have the ability to reliably engage, which is a rare thing in the mid-lane. Though, I don't believe that's a niché important enough anyways. All in all, she's pretty mediocre, to be honest, which is why she earns a steady B-rank. ----- {{champion:99}} B Lux is a goodie-bag of a little of everything, and she does everything pretty fine. She has a little bit of poke, a little bit of zone-control, a little bit of engage-tools, a little bit of support, and a LOT OF BURST. Lux in lane is mostly annoying. All your damage is pretty much reliant on hitting your q, which is pretty hard in lane, so most of the time you just spam e to push and poke. You can roam a little bit with your Q, and you might get a lucky kill with a lucky Q here and there, and you follow up on ganks pretty well. Your do pretty shittely versus mobile assassins or people who can hard-core just constantly push her in under her tower, and roam. She's pretty average in early fights, boasting decent damage with decent crowd-control, along with a higher chance of a burst-combo with a teammates CC. Toward the mid and late game, your role starts to solidify, as back-line support, throwing out shields and e's to be annoying, and sniping out kills wherever you can. Face-checking always becomes spooky because of this, and you'd be surprised at how many games are won by a single-lucky kill in the late-game. She's not a great carry, because of her reliance on team-mate set up to hit her combo, but she can do it. As I've said before though, I generally don't like champions that try to do everything instead of just one thing well. This is not AS BAD for Lux, because her kit transitions between things pretty well. I.e, her q is both good for burst, engage, and poke, allowing her to do multiple things with the same thing, instead of different parts of her kit sprawling in different directions. And there is some value in options, allowing you to adapt to the flow of the game Still, there are better options for either things she does. If you want to poke, just pick {{champion:101}}. If you want to roam early, just pick {{champion:7}}. If you want to burst people, just pick {{champion:1}} . If you want to support jut pick {{champion:61}}. I guess that's why she's the face of mid-lane mages, and why she earns the b-tier. ----- {{champion:90}} A Malzahar is the finishing part of the trio that makes face-checking spooky, along-side {{champion:1}} and {{champion:127}}. On a more serious note, pretty much all Malzahars value as a champion lies in that insane ultimate. A targetable, long-range 2.5 seconds stun is absolutely insane for all parts of the game - Of course with the catch that it can be interrupted, and leaves you just as vulnerable. Your job then is to play around the weaknesses and exploit the strengths. Malzahar is strongest in the early and mid game, though he's not bad, per say, in the late-game. In lane he is very oppressive, constantly pushing in, at the threat of an all-in combo very few can contend with on their own. Engaging on him is almost impossible for certain characters like {{champion:99}}, and it makes him pretty safe against a lot of junglers, like {{champion:59}} or {{champion:421}}. Your all-in combo is not THE Deadliest, and you might not score a kill every time u use it, but the thing is that it pretty much always forces the opponent to disengage, and you can use your dominace to not kill your opponent but to drain them out by getting a cc-lead, or roaming. While being immobile sucks for roaming, a 2.5 second stun is AWESOME, and you should absolutely exploit that whenever you can. You want to try and use your ultimate whenever it is of cooldown, and use it to get picks with your jungler or force fights when they're advantageous for you. This extends into the mid-game, with you preferring to get decisive fights with your ultimate. Your late game is not the greatest, which is because of your short- range, and because of the fact that your ultimate becomes very easy to interrupt. Your role becomes mostly as a support role, using {{item:3116}} to be annoying for front-liners, and using your ultimate as a peeling tool, and using your admittedly long-ranged q wherever you can, either on the backline, or the frontline, wherever you can get it. Your voidlings are not going to survive a teamfight, which is why a lot of your damage falls off, but you're not useless. The ability to get picks with your ultimate is still there ofc too, but it's just a bit trickier to get off. It's just that you want to try and finish early, or hope that your ADC can carry late game team-fights and just act as their body-guard, which is why Malzhar earns the A-rank. ----- {{champion:25}} C This actually pains me, because I love the new Morganas appearance, but I can't in good conscience call her a good mid-laner. I even considered the D-tier, but felt that was too mean. Morgana is mostly a utility pick, with a few interesting applications. Her q is, ofc, really annoying, her W can act as a form of crowd control, as people don't want to walk where it is, your shield is always good as a defensive measure, and your ultimate is good for either engaging, or for peeling. I would say Morganas main problem is just that she's really, really wanky. Her lane is dull, put simply. You use your pool to waveclear, and that's it. Your damage is fine, your skirmish is fine, your roaming is sub-par and so on. Her early game is pretty average. Around mid-game you start to pick up, as Morgana does the best in teamfight scenarios. It's not that she does better with a team, it's that she pretty much requires a team. This is because all her damage, because of the fact that people can just walk off her aids pool, relies on either her ultimate, or her q. Hitting a wild q is really hard because of how slow it is. It's not impossible, and in general, you can work around this by using your allies cc, or the fog of war or such. But, having all your damage reliant on a single spell always sucks. Her ultimate requires you to hard-core commit to the fight, which can be risky, and might be impossible since it has a low range, and you might need your Q to actually be able to walk in range of your target. This all means that you're very reliant on other people either setting up your opponents, or doing the damage for you, while you're just being annoying. CC their diver, block off their back-line with your pool, protect your teammate from a burst combo, or w/e. This is all fine, but it also means that Morgana is absolute trash at carrying. Even when fed, you're barely able to make much of a difference, just by the nature of your kit. You can be in positions where you're having a hard time killing a person at 20% hp, because they just walk off your aids-pool before it can do pretty much any damage, and a single missed q, and you have nothing left. That's a really big weakness, and a reliance on other people is always a problem in solo-queue, which is why I can't put her any higher than C-rank, and even that might be generous. ----- {{champion:61}} S She is criminally underrated, if I might be frank, probably because everybody is just spamming assassins every game. Orianna is the perfect example of what a control mage is, and needs in order to work. She has decent damage, but that's not her main draw. Her main draw lies in her utility. Now, as I've stated previously, utility is usually not as good as raw strength in solo queue, but Orianna has JUST the right forms of utility to be extremely useful, namely pure CC and shields. Being able to engage, peel or stun-luck is a great strength to have, and opens her up to a lot of different roles in a team, depending on what you need. Pair her with a {{champion:59}}, and you got an amazing engage-combo. Pair her with a {{champion:29}}, and you got an amazing peeler and supporter, with all her shields, cc and using her ball to discourage people from walking near it. Or, you can just play her as a straight out carry yourself, getting massive combos with her ultimate, or widdling down the frontline with consistent damage. While I usually harp on characters that focus on too much, Orianna hits a perfect sweet spot where she focuses on enough things to be adaptable, but not so many she loses her focus. Her only weakness is a relatively short range, and a lack of mobility, which are both pretty bad weaknesses to have, but nowhere near enough to keep her down. She is pretty weak to ganks, but ya know... Look at the map. Assassins can be annoying, but she can also bully a lot of them at level 1-6, and after that, she's not helpess. She can roam just fine, especially with good support to engage with, like {{champion:12}}, and she's pretty good at skirmishing, due to her consistent damage, and she's pretty good at controlling objectives due to her zone-control, and ability to either engage or disengage. Due to the fact that a lot of her power lies in her utility - Which is not dependant on numbers - she is strong throughout pretty much the whole game, with a spike in the mid-game, as with most mages. All of this dependability, all of these different uses and strengths is what gives her a very prideful S-rank. ----- {{champion:13}} C Ryze is an interesting case, and one I can't quite place, to be frank. He's just... Wonky in a perfect way that can actually make him super strong, which I do not understand, what so ever. However, most of these strengths are only relevant for high-level play, or professional play, and not solo queue. First off, Ryze is not very strong early-game. In fact, he's pretty bad. He doesn't have the damage or mana to kill or hard-core push, he has no real sustain, and very short-range. Though, he is strong versus assassins of the melee variety, as he can use his E to force them minions, and he can use his E + W + Q to cuck them pretty hard. However, this falls off around level 6, where his useless fucking ultimate comes in. It serves no function in a fight, and it's also pretty bad as an escape, as it takes time to cast and can be interrupted. Beyond that, it's really, really bad as an engage or roaming tool, because of it's short range. You can pull off some fun things with it once you have a second rank, but that means you effectively don't have an ultimate until level 11. Even beyond that, his ultimate requires a lot of big-brain plays, and teamwork, to make proper use of it. Ryze's role is mostly as a form of duelist, pretty comparable to {{champion:69}}, actually. He has pretty good consistent damage, and is a gatling-gun mage that wants to pump out massive amounts of spells late game, to melt his opponents. However, in reality, he faces a lot of problems. Tanks can just body-block his Q, the range on his E is not enough to spread to the backline, and his CC is pretty mediocre. I guess he's pretty survivable compared to Cassiopeia, with his shield and speed-boost and all, but that doesn't matter much in teamfights as he's not going to be slaughtering people anyways, assuming they have any frontline what so ever. Couple this with a lack of range, mobility or engage, and you have some problems. The thing is that most of Ryze's power lies in his ultimate, which is really hard to use in a solo queue match with a bunch of braindead bronzies, am I right? And then he's mostly just a splitpusher, that want's to duel brusiers up in top lane, and be annoying. But... There's so much better you can do, really. Ryze is not a bad champion, and he really doesn't deserve the B-rank, but the fact of the matter is that his kit isn't made for soloqueue, which is why he gets a B-rank anyways. ----- {{champion:50}} B Swain is a bit of a more unique mid-laner, with a lot of upsides held down by a few unfortunate downsides, which we'll get to. He's one of my personal favorites, and you can certainly carry with him, but doing so isn't quite as braindead as it is with {{champion:238}}. Swain plays like a mix between a control mage, and a diver, depending on how the fight evolves. At first you want to sit back, throw out your basic spells the best you can, and wait for an opening for you to go in with your ultimate and wreak havoc. He's quite tanky for a mage, and has a lot of very consistent damage, and decent - If hard to use - CC. His main problems though is that he doesn't really have anything in his kit that supports the diver playstyle. Ideally, you want to use your ultimate to explode on a massive number of enemies, but doing so is very difficult without some sort of team support, because 1, he doesn't have any mobility at all within his kit, and two, he doesn't have any AOE cc. What this all means in practice is that using him as a diver is really difficult, and actually getting in range of anybody important is just as difficult as getting in range. What this also means is that he excels with hard-engage comps, with champions like {{champion:59}} or {{champion:120}}, where you can use their CC as the baseline upon which you follow up. With most other comps, he's really hard to make use of though. Swain in the lane - Hey that rhymed - is a bit tricky to use too. Because of the nature of his kit, you want to stay in really, really close on your opponents, which can be difficult against other mages, or dangerous against assassins. Pre lvl-6, you don't do much, but your ultimate is your ticket. Whether it's a skirmish, a duel in lane, or even a roam, your ultimate is where all your power lies, and that's why you want to be very careful about using it. Swain without his ultimate is lackluster at best, useless at worst. This means that your power fluctuates greatly between fights, especially since you need souls to actually use his ultimate in the first place, and a lot of them to use it well. He's not a good roamer, but he can do it. Mostly he wants to try and farm up, and show off in mid-game fights around dragon, or towers and such. His ultimate is a lot easier to use in the mid-game, because mid-game fights tend to be more scattered, and not follow the proper frontline-backline set-up. So try and gather your team up for objectives and exploit this powerspike. ----- {{champion:134}} A Most people who know about Syndra knows about her ultimate-death button. 'Just outplay the Syndra ulti!' On a serious note, Syndra is actually pretty good outside of her ultimate, if very hard to use. Unlike {{champion:268}}, being good with Syndra isn't flashy, just very effective. She wants to try and get close to a squishy and OTK them with a single burst-combo, which makes her really good at flanking, and spooky when face-checking. Though, in a straight-up team-fight, she'll play mostly like a {{champion:61}}, wearing down the frontline with spamable spells, and getting as much value out of her CC as possible. Just substitute her shield for more dmg, and the potential for a great-teamwide ultimate for a great single-target ultimate. Whereas I would normally harp on Orianna for sacrificing power in turn for utility, I will do the reverse here, and say that Syndra could've used some more tricks up her sleeve. She's very vulnerable in general, lacking great defense measures. Dive her, and she's often screwed. Poke her, and she's often screwed. This makes piloting her in fights actually really difficult, because not only do you need to worry about the placement of your palls, but also your own positioning to a great degree, since any damage you take as the result of bad positioning you're not getting back, nor will you be able to prevent it. In lane, Syndra is like most mages, in that she does well against assassins pre-level 6 by just being annoying, after which you want to play safe. Against most mages, it's a skill matchup, dependant on who can hit their skillshots the best. She's not great a fighting in lane, but she certaintly can win if she gets some good combos out. She's not great at roaming, and needs a laner that can set her up with some engage and CC, but she can do it fine. She really excels in team fights, though as mentioned, she's very vulnerable even then. She's decent at skirmishes too, with similiar weaknesses and strengths, mainly being a lack of mobility and back-line access, and high dmg and good teamwide CC. However, what gives her the A-spot is that she is also an absolutely amazing carry. Her pure power and lack of utility doesn't matter as much when she's ahead, and if you get just a few kills in lane, here or there, you can go absolutely mad, with how much dmg you can pump out, both in burst, but also in duels and 2v1's. ----- {{champion:163}} C Talyiah is a perfect example of a champion that is really good in high tiers, or in professional play, but sort of lacks in solo queue. She is a control mage, through and through, which focuses more on utility with condional damage. And while that may work great in a competitive enviorment where you know you can rely on your teammates to not be monkies, in solo queue it's a different story. An ability like her ultimate really doesn't do well when you can't prepare your whole team to follow up on it, similarly to {{champion:13}}. That's not to say you can't find some fun uses for it, but you're going to have a harder time having a useful ultimate than most other mid-laners. In lane, Taliyah is mostly a farm monster, with good pushing that she wants to then transition into roaming, and map pressure. Her wall is a very powerful roaming tool, and you should try to use it as such whenever you can. Though, you're not doomed if you can't or don't, as Taliyah scales pretty well. Her teamfight is decent, especially around choke-points in the jungle or around the river, where the fewer movement options allow her controlling kit to shine. You won't absolutely hardcore melt through people like {{champion:268}}, but you will do decent damage, and you will be decently useful. However, her lane-power is rather poor. Her lack of a combat ultimate really hurts, and after level 6 you'll start to feel it whenever you try to fight your lane opponent. All this being said, in reality, Taliyah is probably B-tier, perhaps even A-tier, assuming you're playing in like Diamond or above. But the tragic fact of the matter is that the only real reason to play Taliyah over anybody else is her ultimate, and making use of it in low elo is very, very difficult. You'd do better to try and just invest in a pure-power champion that can carry by themselves, rather than trying to help their team carry, which is why she earns the tragic -And kinda mean - C-rank. ----- {{champion:91}} B Talon is, perhaps, the most straight-forward of all assassins. You don't have any real skillshots to worry about, nor any weird tricks or mobility spells, just pure, sheer damage in it's most raw form. Talon - In my opinion - Will always be the assassin with the most raw damage on a single-target, though not necessarily the one who has the easiest time getting off that damage. Because Talon lacks tricks compared to all other assassins, and some amount of tricks are good. For example, he lacks {{champion:238}} ability to quickly get ouf of a fight after laying down his burst, meaning he's often dead after doing his combo, and he also lacks the lockdown of {{champion:7}}, or the sticking potential of {{champion:105}}, or the slipperiness of {{champion:84}}. So, Talon is pretty much the definition of a single-target nuke in champion form, selecting one target, choosing them, doing everything he can to unload on them in a single moment of burst, and then just fucking dying. He does have stealth to do this, which can be useful, and he is arguebly the best flanker in the game due to his ability to jump walls. Both of these do aid, but they're often not enough versus certain team-comps where their peeling is or CC is immense. Oddly enough, some utility instead of dmg is actually better at killing people in this instance. However, Talon does a few things well. Firstly, as with most assassins, he's a very good roamer, due to his parkour ability, which allows him to completely bypass warded areas. His immense burst goes well with ganks, as it allows him to get in before they can react, finish the job, and get back to mid-lane. Talon is a champion that wants to play around his ultimate, either through roaming, or in getting kills in lane, both of which he is very good at. His pure damage, while hard to get off in a teamfight, is excellent in lane. However, another problem with Talon is that he doesn't carry very well, at least compared to other assassins. Because he has no AOE, nor any good damage after his burst, he lacks the ability to carry by just killing everything in a fight, and at most he'll often kill a single person completely, then half-health another before he runs out of resources. Despite all this, Talon is actually perhaps the best late-game assassin, as mad as that might sound. The problem with being an assassin late game is accessing the back-line being rather difficult, which is why flanking is so important. And Talon is really good at flankning. What this means is that, while Talon might not be the best at getting his combo off, he's the best at actually getting in range of a carry in the late game, which is always better than not doing anything at all, which is what earns him his B-rank, although barely, to be frank. ----- {{champion:4}} C A lot of this will just be a repeat of Taliyah, because they are very similar. They're both pushing champions that just want to roam, and set up their team to carry rather than themselves. I'll be frank, that my fingers are tired, and my mind is kinda fried, so I'll keep it short. The problem with Champions like TF, that carry others instead of themselves is that you can't really rely on others in solo queue. THat's not to say that you should go hard-core solo all the time, but you need to be the primary agent in the game for your team. Tf's playstyle does not support this, which is why he'll never be that effective in solo queue. His lane is really weak, him being short-ranged, with no real defense against assassins and ganks, even weaker than Taliyah's, as you don't have a lot of damage, and mostly you just spam gold-card to set up people. However, I think that Tf is a better late-game champion, with higher dps, as well as his ulti being a better late-game tool, but worse early-game tool. The vision is crucial in the late game, and along with {{item:3157}} , you can do some ballsy gold-card engages, but that's super-god damn risky, and is as likely to get you killed by a team that just stands and watches you die while pinging your corpse and spamming '?' in chat. All in all, I wouldn't recomend him, even though he is a solid champion, simply because the playstyle he forces you into is not good for solo queue. ----- {{champion:45}} B Veigar is the quintessential example of a late-game mage, with all the weaknesses and strengths that come with. His ability to literally have infinite AP is fun, but doesn't come into play until you're so late game you're one-shotting most people anyways. At most, it just helps you snowball harder, which is not something you're likely to do, as Veigars lane is not that good. As with {{champion:99}}, you might be able to snipe a few kills, either with lucky E's, or with ganks, but on your own, you're not likely to get a lot vs good opponents. Mostly, you just want to afk farm. You can roam, but don't bother, you're not that good at it. You excel at big scale-teamfights, where your absolutely insane E can come into play. Mostly, you spam spells wherever you can to zone and melt the frontline, while looking for a chance to catch a squishy and kill them. His weaknesses are the opposite ofc, namely being that most people will win against him in lane. Getting of dmg is really clunky, as you need to hit your E to get off your w, without which you'll never kill anybody from full. And since you don't have much poke, you'll have to 100-0 them. You do the absolute worst vs people like {{champion:101}} or {{champion:238}}, who can abuse your immobility and relatively short range with their own mobility or range, which stays true for the whole game. He's a very simple black and white champion, with clear advantanges to play around and clear weaknesses to avoid, and deserves the simple B-rank. ----- {{champion:112}} B Viktor is a late-game control mage, somewhat like {{champion:45}} in fact. They both have stun fields, they both have massive AOE spells that people don't want to walk near, and really strong late-game burst with a somewhat subpar early game, where they mostly farm and wait out until they can hit their spike in the late game. The main difference between the two is that Viktor is more of a DPS kiter champion, instead of a pure- burst monster. You have a lot more survivability and mobility thanks to your augmented q, and your E gives some nice poke to discourage people. Your W is comparable to Veigars E, but is generally easier to use and less unwieldy in trade-off for being a bit smaller. I would say that Viktor has the better lane, because he has longer range, and his W is actually quite useful for stunning people in lane, and not as easy to fuck of as Veigars. However, Viktor is not as good at carrying and going apeshit when fed, due to the fact that he does not get the sheer amount of value Veigars free ap does. In trade off, Viktor is better all throughout the game and has no point where he is ever pure useless trash. He has his ups and downs ofc, but it's a lot more even. Play him if you like late-game team fights and zone-control, and don't play him if you easily rage-quit after getting killed under tower by {{champion:238}} for the fifteenth time. ----- {{champion:8}} A Vladamir is better {{champion:50}}, pretty much. At least in solo Queue. Though he lacks pretty much any form of utility, the tricks Swain has is not enough to out-value Vladimirs pure damage all-throughout the game. Vladimir is a very solid solo-queue beast that is strong all game, though in different ways. In lane, he is very hard to kill, and is especially good at cucking assassins. He's weak vs long-range, as well as more utility focused lanes, which will mostly just make it a pure farm-lane for both parties. You're not really a roamer, neither are you a good skirmisher due to your long cooldowns, so mostly you either want to dominate the lane, or just chill. Around mid-game, level 13 actually, is where you unlock, because that's when both your basic damaging spells have super low-cooldowns, and you can begin to carry with insane damage. Before then, you'll still deal a lot of dmg, but it's mostly in close-ranged burst combos. You don't have the sort of DPS you'll have late game. Speaking of late-game, that's where you want to shine. Melt the frontline, and look for chances to dive. However, as with Swain, you're immobile, and you have even less cc. This makes you just as reliant on either summoner spells like {{summoner:51}} or {{summoner:4}}, or other champions to engage for you, to set up for you massive burst. On the other hand, you are pretty hard to kill yourself, and any amount of defensive items will most likely be enough to survive and heal back up. Being forced to rely on others for engage is a rather grim weakness, but not anything you can't work around. All in all, Vladimir is a very good solo-queue carry that combines being safe with dealing fuck tons of damage, which is what earns him his A-rank. ----- Holy shit, almost there. ----- {{champion:101}} S Xerath is all around a very good champion, with no real weak points to speak off. I'm surprised more people don't play him. He's immobile as shit ofc, but that's solved by his amazing range allowing him to be completely safe from other people, assuming you have any amount of map-awareness. He has really good wave-clear, amazing poke, and even decent burst, although nothing that'll instakill people. Though, that's not why you pick Xerath, ofc. You pick Xerath to an annoying meanie that snipes people when they're trying to do dragon, without them even being able to see you. That's the strength of Xerath, and it's a massive one, being able to force people off towers, dragons or barons without actually ever risking your team in a fight. Though, he's not horrible in a fight either. His long range allows him to hit squishies through their frontline, rather than having to deal with the frontline first. He is vulnerable to a hard engage, and against champions like {{champion:59}} or {{champion:89}}, you do need your team to assist you with peeling, but no champion is without flaw, ofc. In lane, you mostly want to farm. You can dominate certain lanes with your poke, but generally you don't have enough mana to kill anybody, at most just force them out of lane. You're decent at early fights, though not amazing, but just fine. Your roaming is pretty bad, but you can mitigate this risk by making mid a stand-still. Constantly push from the other side of the lane, and they can't leave without losing minions to the tower. You are weak to ganks if you push too hard though, so remember to stay safe over everything else. Xerath, like most mages, shine in the mid-game, fighting for the early objectives like dragons and outer towers, but he does just fine in the late-game, doing the same thing, though that same thing is not as strong in the late game, but still good. And all these strenghts are what earns him his very prideful S-Rank. ----- {{champion:115}} A Ziggs, together with {{champion:101}}, are the best poke champions in the game, if you ask me, with Ziggs being a bit more of a mix between a poke and a control mage than pure poke. He doesn't have quite the same insane range, but he has a lot more zone-control and cc in his kit. He excels at closed fights in the jungle, where the limited movement options make it easier to hit his Q and ultimate, as well as allows his minefield and satchel charge to more easily close off certain pathways. He doesn't do as well in full-scale teamfights though, because of his lacking range, and prefers to keep the fight from ever happening. In lane, him and Xerath play pretty much the same. Farm, farm, be annoying, and farm some more. Stay out of trouble, and wait for the mid-game to roll around, where you'll start to shine. One interesting thing about Ziggs is his amazing ability to siege objectives. His ultimate gives some amazing potential when everybodies huddled up around a dragon or baron, and his satchel charge ovbiously works well for towers. When playing Ziggs, you want to play with your team for objectives, and put the KDA aside. Late game, you fall off, as hard engage comps and hyper-carries catch up to you. You're still fine then, and can contribute, but your time in the spotlight is over, so to say. ----- {{champion:142}} asdklsdlasd I don't fucking know dude, my fingers hurt and my mind is fried, jsut get me out. If I missed any or you disagree, say so in the comments, and I'll get to you later.
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