@Meddler: Let me show you what we mean by "The Damage Is Too High"

https://streamable.com/jv7lv Level 12 {{champion:21}} with the score 2/5 shooting one Q into lvl 12 {{champion:498}} . EDIT: Checking her runes now and realizing, that if she took Celerity instead of Absolute Focus, used her {{item:3142}} , I'm pretty sure I'd die from that Q. EDIT 2: I'm really surprised how many people missed the point of this post. I'm not complaining about MF being OP, or saying that the game is imbalanced. All I'm trying to show with this is, that I don't think the game should look like this. There is a difference between **balance** and **gameplay design**. Explained more into detail at one of my comments: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/QAFgm9oE-meddler-let-me-show-you-what-we-mean-by-the-damage-is-too-high?comment=00140000
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