Ornn is the worst champion in the game. 45.09% WR LUL

Just tried out ornn again since the "Buffs" and got absolutely shit on by an Illaoi. landing your q e combo on any player must have atleast 150+ping for that to actually happen, the W Unstoppable shit really don't do a whole lot in laning phase when you have 150 movement speed while it's activated, you basically have to land your knockup for that to deal damage, your ult is good for team fighting and cc, but the removal of the W shield has made this champion get absolutely abused in lane beyond belief. You have no sustain, absolutely horrendous waveclear without sunfire/iceborn.. so basically INT be down 70 cs , and land a good ult in a team fight and be a meatshield, and hope your team is good enough to carry you is what I get out of this champion?
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