how the community can improve Dynamic Queue with role rotation

Dynamic Queue is a prisoner's dilemma for solo players. where the individual distrusts the others, and picks the position they can best carry with as their primary. this gives a disparity in roles, and means that some of us never get our best position while others of us always get sup. the solution is to increase role variance. Here's how you do it: - choose the three roles you enjoy best. - in your first game, queue up your most preferred as primary and another role as secondary. - whichever of those two roles you don't get in your previous game, pick as primary in the next. pick the third role as primary for this secondary selection. - keep doing this, cycling through the roles, alternating which is primary and which is secondary and which is "fallow" - yes, this is like crop rotation. very cool, and proven to work by farmers everywhere! - if we hype this enough, riot will hear and even implement a way to make the rotation easier! kappa I dream... if there's a role that's hard to get, you'll be selecting it as your primary very often, and if there's a role that's easy to get you'll guarantee only get it at most 50% of the time, you can even skip it once and a while to decrease that percentage. or as soon as you get that role, next two games don't select it, to guarantee no more than 33% role placement. - you can even do this with 4 or 5 roles for more variance, or with 2 roles (alternating the secondary role as the last role you played) - IF we get enough people doing this, then the distribution of roles will be much better, especially if lots of people make sure to play sup 33% of the time! queue times will drop to much better times! - tell your friends to do this. tell your teammates. upvote this post for visibility. tell your streamer idols about this plan. solo queue doesn't have to be miserable in terms of role availability, if only we remember to play 3 roles instead of 2! and to alternate which is primary! if you want more variation in roles and shorter queue times, upvote this!
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