Something interesting to think about in new/reworked champions

So, two things just happened to me in the past 20 minutes. First, I watched a Ted Talk that I'll get into later. Then, I found Galio's rework information. This got me to thinking about something interesting. Please, when you're done reading this, tell me how you feel about it. I'm Bronze, so I'm probably wrong about alot. But I'm not worried about being wrong, I'm just interested in giving my opinion, and I hope you'll do the same as well. Basically, the Ted Talk was about the power of positive expectations in the aspect of what happiness it brings to a person. To sum it up quickly, people think nowadays that "more success" = "more happiness". The more successful that you are in life, the happier you'll be as a person. This is the wrong way to think. Our definition of "success" is increased in the challenge aspect every time you are successful in something. If you considered doing 10 push-ups successful at one point, once you achieve that goal, you'll set your bar of success at 12 push-ups. Then, once that's accomplished, you'll set it at 14 push-ups, then 16, and so on and so forth. Happiness due to success is "set on the horizon" by our culture, so it's always out there but never achievable just based on the standards that increase every time we succeed. (Link: This was just a little tidbit that I pulled from that Ted Talk, but after reading up on Galio's changes, I made an application between the two. Some of the more recent champions and reworks that have been released seem to be more overloaded than the one before it, with a few exceptions (Ivern, Warwick are the first two that come to mind for me). It seems like every time Riot releases something new, they have to add something to the next new release that tops the previous kit, something that makes even more people turn their heads and notice something in the kit. Riot seems to be following the same pattern that our culture does, but instead, their motto is "more unique" = "better champion". With this model, Riot's never going to keep the game in a healthy state, just because there is so much that they're going to have to balance around. I love seeing new champions and new kits released, but I've been saying "oh, that's unique" alot more than I've been saying "oh, that's really cool" for the past few new releases that I've seen. Instead of trying to introduce something completely new to the game with every new release, I want Riot to give us a champion that doesn't have anything new to play around that hasn't been seen before, nothing to be "watching out for" any more than previous champions. There's nothing wrong with creating a new champion that fits in a role, like diver or control mage or support. The most recent example that I can think of is Jhin. He's a pure-bred ADC, and hit kit introduces new things without requiring new strategies when playing against or with him. Coincidentally, he's also one of the most popular champions, and even though his numbers were a bit bogus, it was still so fun to play him, and you felt like you had a chance against him. Just my $0.02. I wrote this instead of writing a presentation for English, so you better enjoy the read. Feel free to comment your opinions and spare change.

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