Leona Buff Sounds Brutal

So we take the champ with one of the strongest zoning capacities in the game, and we decide to make her a pure counter-mage support pick? And we make her lower risk, higher reward? Did you step out of line? Just pop a W real fast. Build CDR and pop it as often as u liek. Land that Q? But Varus ded? Just pop a W and dance out real smoothfast. Land that Q? But Varus don't care? See above. Wanna take a militia's-worth of bullets for the team under de cannon mon? Just pop a W and cruise your way through 1700s Caribbean-city-states' high anti-pirating tools. It's your booty, babe. Shake it how u liek. Wanna ward like Teemo in the enemy bush? To hell with vision. Get there Stand there!® your way there. Type "I gotta W, so W gonnado? (Okay guys, even if you hate this post, upvote for that piece of improv with unintended double-meanings that synergize. Okay, never mind. I am just brilliant. I don't need ur upvotes.) That's even BETTER than Teemo, who is countered by a control ward! YOU ARE A CONTROL WARD! INTRODUCING, ALL THE WAY FROM WHEREVERHERLOREISVILLE, THE ONE, THE ONLY, **WARD** OF THE NOEARTH (pronounced NORTH, but spelled No Earth because ain't no earth gonna stop you from doin' w\u/w (the opposite of u\w/u (oh hell, I did it again.)! So, basically, she can stand where she wants, and nothing, not even minions, can hug your soon-to-be-dying-QWik (get it?) soul to comfort you with a discomforting squish. You literally just made her a control ward + zone-all-the-things-bot + Engage Trinket + Missy Elliot if the thing she is flipping and reversing is a W Anti-hero of a lifetime. This is going to be huge in the bot lane. We're talking Flatten (then) Reduction Chu-uhhh-uhhh-huhhh-hampions. Is that the upcoming theme for next season? Champions that do what they want despite meta? Is that how you're trying to end sorcery in the support role? Is that how you're going to give us back our short queue times in ranked because no one wants to play support again? Is that how you're going to finally put Pyke in the top lane responsible for his own decisions? Then thank you. But in all seriousness. I know it's not a ton of blocking buf%%%e in the bigger scheme of things. But it's enough to encourage super aggressive Leona builds. She is going to counter every champ in botlane by simply the fact she can do whatever she wants and still find a way to tell the tale from her own lips. Why? Because if she hasn't used her toolkit, she's a larger threat to you than you are to her. It becomes a permanent standoff. First one to cast may be the loser. But Leona can lose again. And maybe again. And nothing is more anti-climatic to me than playing Soraka in a Leo lane + Draven whereby Leo outzones you and has greater rewards with lower risk. So if everyone is playing like they should, we'll warmly welcome a 5-man-turret-diving camp. I guess it's time for a new meta. Solo bot/duo top lane.

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