People complain about damage being high

I don’t agree with you guys, but before downvoting this first hear me out. It is not the damage that is too high but the way someone takes the damage. Damage in season 5 was much more compared to now, Yasuo could easily critical strike for 1300 damage with a single Q, but this was not happening at 10th minute with Duskblade and Stormrazor or the new Runes that give only damage and not defense at all... Right now removing True damage ( Conqueror and reverting Infinity Edge ), The 2 Items that cause 70% of the burst damage Duskblade and Stormrazor, Removing or simply changing some of the runes that are giving way too much defense... Decrease the money you get from the plates as well so someone pushing lane cannot buy 3 Items at 10 minutes... The way you get the damage should be changed as well the damage ignoring part, not the actual damage.
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