Possible Kalista Quality of Life Improvement.

As we know, she is apparently impossible to fix in terms of tweaking stats. So let's not touch those. The main issue with Kalista is if you screw up her E Rend reset ability, you basically become useless till the cool-down is back. Why not just add an indicator similar to champs like Pyke, Zed, etc. that shows you can get a kill + reset from your Rend with enough spears stacked into the enemy/enemies. Of course things like heals can counter this indicator similar to the other champs listed above. Basically don't change her stats, but give her an indicator to make Rend E resets easier for low-elo players. I feel this wouldn't affect pro-play since their timing is already very good with the champion. More clear E resets can definitely change Kalista's performance in lower tier. It's like the thing they did with Lee Sin's Q; an indicator would be nice please :)
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