These boards flip-flop too much

Before now: Everyone and their grandma that ever typed on these boards hated the living hell out of LeBlanc. Even with sub 50% win rates, even when it was SIGNIFICANTLY so, people bitched about her instantaneous burst and lack of counter-play outside of knowing where she was before she insta-burst you. Now: We got a thread rallying people to pour one out for the "fun LB". Literally wtf? I *was there* when G&B was on fire over LeBlanc, Rengo, and the other assassins. Did you guys forget about those old burst patterns? How assassins just straight burst people in fractions of a second? You guys HONESTLY want old LB back? **Are you serious?** Like, to the *very* least, new LB can't instantly burst you. You get a fair warning, THEN you die. It's a step in a better direction than just seeing an inescapable death fly in from a bush or over a wall. Not to mention her old passive was less a "deceptive tool" and more of a free escape tool since you got to temporarily disappear which most people, *obviously,* hated. These boards flip-flop too much.
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