Why does Riot continue to invest on E-Sports/ Pro play when it's not even close to be profitable ?

Apparently riot investments on E-Sports and Pro play aren't profitable. It's even worse because they apparently lose money : https://www.pcgamesinsider.biz/news/67702/riot-isnt-even-close-to-breaking-even-on-league-of-legends-esports/ My question is why continue believing investing into E-Sports and pro play when the number of players as already reached its maximum and now it tends to decline ? Would it to try to decelerate the number of players leaving the game ? If that's the case Riot would better invest on bringing back Morello listening to the community feedback and stopping to care about pro play which only represents barely 0.1% of league's players... Investments would be better on fixing bugs, client and trying new things to fix the game after the rune reforge fail...

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