After worlds, will there be work done on JUNGLE catch-up experience ?

Actually the catch-up experience kick in if you got less level than the jungle monster you kill, said level is equal (On spawn only) to the average level of the 10 champions in the game, rounded up. The said catch-up experience value though, is completely stupid. You get 30 flat experience per jungle monster killed. This, guys, is gigantic number until level ~11 or even higher. That mean that your jungler level = enemy jungler level, no matter what. If not, that mean 2 things : Either one of the jungler never clear krugs/raptor, as they will basically grant you a level if you're behind. Or you're very late in the game, around level 14 ~ 18, where 30 experience isn't enough to keep up level against someone with twice as farm as you. Actually, it also provides utility champion as well as tank champion a better proficiency in the jungle, as clearing speed isn't great with this catch-up experience, as the more level you get, the more experience you give to your enemy jungler. a % increase instead of a flat value would be great, or at least anything done that doesn't punish you for not ganking. Successful gank should grant you more exp and gold, or at least team-wise, than farming. But unsuccessful gank shouldn't be rewarded with extra exp in the jungle. ------------------------------------------------------------ EDIT : Adding some talk with our beloved Meddler speaking about potential (jungle) Catch-up exp change : _From Meddler, answering a question about jungle Catch-up exp :_ **Looking at XP flow's on our list of stuff to consider for pre-season. **Seems to be a particularly hot topic on Boards/Reddit at present, it's not the sort of thing we'd want to change during the season unless absolutely necessary though and definitely don't think it's at that point. _From Meddler, original post of 4th august QGT :_ As we get closer to pre-season we're also starting to look at what smaller non runes projects we might also include. Should be able to expect some more talk about that in a month or so, with tweaks to some systems like starting items, **possibly income systems** etc possible. Details not yet certain, we're still figuring out how much work we should be trying to take on in addition to Runes, which things are most in need and which sorts of change it's most appropriate, or inappropriate, to do at the same time Runes go out. ------------------------------------------------------ EDIT 2 : Relevant video about Catch-up experience, beware 1 hour video :

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