Why is this a thing?

There was always this hate boner for tank champions and i really don't understand this because there are champions way WAY more toxic than tank. A tank is usualy someone who has big survivability, by not doing a lot of stuff so they can focus on other things, but the thing is with skill or not there are champions with way more survivability than tanks and those being LITERALY EVERYONE ELSE IN THE GAME, ok that is untrue considering i generalised this ofc there are exceptions, but wile top tier adc's have TONS of moving and escaping abilities and healing, bruisers literaly doing the almost the same thing from a close range and mages poping everyone like fucking baloons wile also having survivability makes me question, why do people bash on tanks when they are at the power, there is constant compliain everywhere when you have to spend more than 2 seconds poping a tank and its bothering me very much, dont get me wrong,this is not me trying to defend opinions or me just calling out the comunity for not liking my tastes, this is my asking why is everyone so hypocritical,mages are constantly at the power no one seems to be bothered except some streamers, assasins are at the power i see some people bothered, adc's are at the power no one is bothered (not to mention everyone will cry when adc's will be bottom tier wile tanks are so unviable for so long), but when tanks are at the power well everything is in pain and suffering, fire and death everywhere armageddon on earth, literaly everywhere i look everyone cries that the respective tank just takes more to be beaten, again im not saying this is good or bad but everyone has its time on the meta, just stop fucking crying about it as i am constantly desperately holding myself not to write a fucking book about why mages are busted and has to be nerfed to the ground just like everyone has been. and you know what is funny?people consider not killing someone more toxic than getting poped like a fucking balloon and literaly not being able to do anything about {{champion:142}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:67}} , if you think oh thats just zed being zed or thinking that does this guy not know what how much shit zoe got when she got released, they've been gutted to the ground and still are toxic and cancerous.(also why is vayne allowed to have a a tumble every 2 seconds wile also getting good ad rations wile also getting % health true dmg? sigh...
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