Leashing and Laners

I don't know about how botlane feels about leashing, but as a top laner, i despise leashing because of; 1) My jungle is a dick and makes me start the leash, if I dont I will waste time, and make me come to lane with ~100 missing hp 2) Leashing makes enemy top get to control the wave, so they can tank the minions as they come into the lane to aggro onto 1 minion, maybe even get through all 3 melees before I can get to lane, and they have 6 fresh minions, while I have 3 making trading hard, because a single auto will make all those minions eat up your ass with your level 1 stats. You also lose exp, which is alot in top lane. There is so many times I get win lane because my opponent leashed, even if they didn't tank. 2 Solutions - Either make minions come into lane 5-10 seconds later, or make jungle camps spawn 5-10 seconds sooner. Either or has to give. EDIT: to clear things up, i dont mean topside minions/ jungle spawn changes, i mean the whole map
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