"The new champion is going to be better Jungle, I know it"

I've seen this be said for literally every new champion release. Every single release we get a "Sounds like a great jungler!" comment even for champions like {{champion:142}} or {{champion:163}} with a detailed explanation of why their kit has every tool necessary to be a great ganker. Then they hit PBE and it turns out that even though the champion has "an excellent ganking kit" they actually can't clear at all and gets fucked in the ass by any jungler who can run circles around them clear wise and counter- Seriously, I just thought I'd point this out. Honestly I'm surprised that this isn't a meme yet. Edit: Now that Pyke is out of PBE testing, I've found a video detailing his clear. It's pretty much what we all expected https://youtu.be/hSQapCi7_ZY
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