riot doesn't give a fuck about match making in ranked.

**_Does this sound familiar to you?_** you've just lost a game, you look at the and come to find out the Morgana has played 46 champions this season the rengar played 39 champs this season the fiddle has played 27 and his most played champion has 11 games total the caitlyn has played 34 different champions, and his most played champion has 19 games total his 2nd most played has 14 games total, and these two champions are Zed, and Lee sin The biggest root problem with poor matchmaking comes from the fact that people keep swapping between champions, you'll see a guy with 60 kennen games, with a 60% winrate, and suddenly he has 40 other champions played, all sub 50% winrate, you're never going to be able to place him in his actual skill level/elo bracket the biggest problem with match making? PEOPLE PICK YUUMI ON THE DAY OF FUCKING RELEASE, AS THEIR FIRST FUCKING GAME, IN THE FUCKING RANKED QUEUE, THAT'S MADE FOR FUCKING CLIMBING A FUCKING LADDER, FUCK. WHY IS SHE STILL BEING PLAYED IN RANKED, WITH A SUB 40% WINRATE? WHO KNOWS.. CAUSE FUCK IT _**I am not suggesting that match making is by any means UNFAIR**_ the ladder system does the best it can right now, and it's a really fair system over 100~ games, if you improve, you will climb, (depending on how much you improve, and how much impact you choose to have on the game) and anybody who decides to main a few champions and learn the game will climb. but for the love of fucking god, how frustrating is it to get into promo's and have your top laner pick the flavor of the week meta pick that they've never played before, and you're not even allowed to complain, because UNFORTUNATELY, WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO FLAME OUR TEAM MATES, FOR FIRST TIMING SOMETHING IN **_RANKED_**, OR WE'LL GET BANNED, SO WE HAVE TO BOTTLE UP OUR EMOTIONS, UNTIL THE WHOLE COMMUNITY IS JUST FUCKING TOXIC, SOFT INTING HERE, TROLL PICK THERE, LITTLE FLAME HERE, (not enough to get banned) PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE, DONE WITH LEAGUE. the Solution would be to make it so you need mastery 7 or 10k points on a champion to play them in ranked.. but then we wouldn't see champs like yuumi until 3 weeks after release in ranked :( sad day. we wouldn't get the joy of being trolled by players who don't know how to play a champion that has a 29% win rate in plat. I see people blame the matchmaking, but the real problem is the players fucking it up with their 40+ champions in ranked, and having your top 2 champions be zed and lee sin with 19 games max... or having your most played champion only have 10 games.. I feel like if riot actually cared about improving the ranked match making, or the ranked experience, they wouldn't let people just first time champions in ranked and I know I'm excluding legitimately over 70% of the community, cause I god damn well know almost everyone below platinum for some god forsaken reason has played 30+ champions this season As a one trick myself, I don't really want to have to play 10 games on 20 champions, just to be able to play ranked, since I only play one champion. but you know what? it's **_RANKED_** for a reason, If I have to sacrifice a bunch of time in normal's, then so be it, this mode is supposed to be serious, you aren't supposed to see new champions played on the first day by players who don't have a PBE account, you aren't supposed to see 40+ champions on one account in ranked, and their most played champ only have 20 games.. because this just fucks the match making I know riot won't be implementing shit like this any time soon, so as a final statement I just want to say Ranked is not a place for you to _practice_ your champion, it is a place for you to** perfect** your champion. there is LP on the line, do not come into ranked with your 49% winrate over 300 games having ass, and play a champion you've never played before or only have 3 games on. if we want 100% as close to fair match making as possible, we have to hold our community to a standard, and I'm willing to have to get level w/e on 20 champions before I can enter ranked if it means everyone can take ranked seriously and enjoy the fairness another way to get more fair match making would be to get rid of auto fill... which a lot of people do want

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