Current patch notes.... BIG OOF

so whats with these buffs and nerfs to random stuff patch after patch rito? Ezreal "nerf" with making tear items unique (which isnt a nerf) then you buff manamune by 10 ad (direct 10 ad buff to him basically) okay Removing hunters potion simply because its "not used" well with that logic should remove plenty more items (looking at you ohmwreker) and i dont know about you but hunters potion is amazing on bad junglers just more anti-offmeta pushing from riot i guess Aatrox mini rework? not sure you guys are ever gonna get him right so if your gonna keep changing him over and over dont see any reason for people to keep playing him outside the lcs.. eventually hes gonna end up like ryze Rakan... well from what the pbe notes said you were gonna obliterate this boys ultimate and make it 1/4 as good but after reading 0.5 seconds thats almost no change at all on 100 ping so basically did nothing.. but to then buff all of his stats by a fair margin... im no Rakan one trick or anything but wasn't the point of this to nerf him? New visual, i like them but i think they are a little much on cait and ashe's ults.. the big "DONT GET HIT" areas on them is pretty substantial bug fixes: still dont see a zoe patch on here... kinda disappointed New skins and Chromas, they look pretty nice, unfortunately for varus i think his bace skin looks better then the chroma but the others are all nicer Final Judgement, changing things for the sake of changing things, seems a little redundant but hey thats just my opinion.. im sure there are plenty more players that like/hate the changes to their favourite champions, but i for one think this pro-league based patch cycle needs to calm down
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