Quick PSA regarding tomorrow's PBE update

It's the preseason patch. Yes, things are going to be bizarre, weird, out of this world, somewhat scary at first and we all know how humans feel about change. Yes, things might seem broken, overpowered or outright unbalanceable. Yes, it does screw with League's balance, a lot in fact. But you know what? It's fine, it's all going to get tuned and changed, that's what the PBE during the preseason is for. There's going to be a ton of testing in those three weeks during which the patch will be on the PBE So contain the calamity that are your mammaries and try to be civil and not burst out into flames. It's going to be alright. Provide feedback, discuss and make your opinion known, it's all we can do and being civil is a lot better than just slinging insults. Got that? Good. Now the countdown to preseason begins.
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