There is a bug in Nunu, if you move your cursor just prior to starting a snowball....

I look like a freakin noob. I'm tired of my team pinging me question marks. All because I start rolling a snowball in the totally wrong direction, or straight into a wall. The way Nunu's snowball works, is it starts rolling in the direction your cursor is currently facing. However, League is slightly laggy in its detection of the cursor, by what looks to me to be about a ~30 millisecond amount of lag. So if if my cursor was pointed east, and then suddenly (in less than 30 milliseconds), I move my cursor west, and I immediately press W to start a snowball, league will not detect that I moved my cursor west... and the dumb snowball will start rolling straight east, the wrong way. Drives me nuts and gets me lots of ????? pings from my allies. I happen to be very fast with my mouse, but in practice tool I was able to EASILY duplicate this bug. I could successfully roll the ball the wrong way, almost every single time. Just have to be very fast with the mouse. Riot please fix this because if I because when I'm in the LCS and huge on twitch, I don't want people to think I'm a noob, muchas gracias. The only way I can think of to fix this, is that Nunu should be allowed to fully change directions within the first ~30 milliseconds of starting the ability, and only after that should he be prevented from turning quickly. Either that, or simply add a 30 millisecond casting time, to ensure that it has enough time to detect the location of the cursor before the ability starts.

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