Am I just completely out of my time or is the game becoming ridiculous?

First off, I think about tankiness. No, not tanks, CC tanks, but tankiness in general. It just feels garbage. Resistances feel absolutely worthless. Conqueror's is insanely broken (broken as in, breaks the core system of resistance and destroys the whole purpose of it, not necessarily broken as "overpowered") and on its own, is defining tanky builds to be "stack health, resistances suck anyway, why would you ever build resistances". It's bad. It's just.. crazy, what the fuck? I already fucking hated %max health true damage Fiora, and now everyone is Fiora? HOW ABOUT.. NO??? I mean at this point I'm just like.. idgaf if you give +20 AD to this keystone, just NERF THE TRUE DAMAGE CONVERSION PLEASE. (and I'm saying this as a player who has Jax and Tryndamere amongst his most played mains, this is a fucking problem) Crit on IE as true damage is also bad for the game.. but it sucks because, well, nobody buys resistances anymore ecks dee so IE is obviously weaker. Wanna be tanky? "just get steraks". Then.. Essence reaver? Dafuq is that item? Like, hello? I don't play Summoner's Rift normal/ranked to play urf, thank you? (seriously it just feels outright broken. You're an absolute monster on like Jax or some other champions if you manage to auto only a few times to reset your cd's so much faster). It just feels.. broken, like, not following basic balance rules. Love this kind of broken-ish item in modes like Nexus blitz, but not in summoner's rift Then.. balancing policy? Adc's are weak, let's buff their damage Tanks are weak, let's buff their damage Assassins are weak, let's buff their damage Mages are weak, let's buff their damage Bruisers are weak, let's buff their damage HMMMMMMMMMMM it would seem there's a certain pattern.. weird right? Let's not talk about the runes system where Riot is basically acknowledging runes reforged is just masteries reforged and their 3 rows of stats just a bad replacement of the old runes which you could customize so much more and have much more fun with out of meta setups... I honestly don't know what to say, I play less than before but everytime I play it feels like a bad joke. true invisibility LUL btw, nice new champion kits/reworks /s
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