When can "smurfs" be a thing of a past?

I get it. It used to be cool to come down to a lower rank than your main account and say to your teammates "Im smurfs, I'll carry". But what about for the gaming experience for the other team? What kind of experience would they have when they're beaten 5-30. And what if one of the losing player has had 3-4 games of these on the day he decided to play League? If a much higher ranking player comes to play in a much lower rank, there is no other outcome then the higher ranking player destroying the other team. I've had endless amount of these games in my last week alone. I've had "smurfs" in my team and on the other team. I rarely see the smurf's team lose. Can you imagine a Gold medal holder Olympic champion comes back to the high school he used attend and competing there again to win the first place? The high schoolers won't have a chance against him because he's already a Gold medalist. And he won't be allowed to compete there simply because it'll be "unfair". We know for a fact that it is going to be unfair. The same thing applies here. It won't be fair for the team that doesn't have the high rank player on their team. It'll be a nightmare experience for the opposing team. I used to have about 20 more wins than losses but every win I'd get 17 LP but I'd lose about -20 LP. There are numerous times that I just play a long 40 mins game to win 17 LP then in the next game, I'll be against a Diamond 1 smurf player on enemy team and we had to go 5-30 and just lost back -20. Just like that. And I am pretty damn sure I'm not alone who's had this kind of experience. So, why isn't "smurfs" a thing of a past already? Why is Riot allowing players to ruin other player's gaming experience? Can't riot limit of link each account to a single MAC so that way, one account equals one computer? And if a player is willing to play in multiple account he needs to get multiple computers (which I think is a fair game). But now, each of the player has like at least 3-4 accounts. I haven't get into the case of players that just leave the game and play on their other account because they don't want to try anymore after dying 2 times to Irelia. I am a plat player. I was in Plat 2 recently but I do admit I got there because I had a bunch of smurfs on my team so often in the past few days. I felt back for the other teams. I undeservingly got to Plat 2. I barely did anything. I'd go 0/8, 2/10 etc yet kept on winning. Riot, you need to work on fine-tuning your matchmaking system and it's time to stop the smurfs. You're allowing unnecessary stress on players who just want to have a good time -- unless you don't want people to have a good time playing your team, then forget everything I've said.
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