I have some questions

Why haven't you disabled Warmogs in ARAM like you did with Bilgewater? Why is Sejuani allowed to build full tank items, become nigh unkillable, and pump out absurd amounts of damage? Why is Maokai allowed to heal himself for 600 health every 3 seconds, while dealing high levels of damage, and being almost unkillable? Why is Rageblade such a busted item that everyone and their mother is building it? Why are you allowing funnel strats? Why is true damage becoming so rampant? Why have you turned the game into a 5v5 deathball vs deathball? Why aren't we allowed to solocarry? Why are supports still so overbearingly strong? Why have you practically removed an entire class of champions from the game with this meta? Why are problem champions not getting nerfed? Why was Kallista nerfed after two professional games last season but Mundo is allowed to exist in his current state? Why is the powercreep so bad it makes Diablo 3's look tame by comparison? Why haven't you looked at nerfing tank items, which are the most cost effective items in the game? Why are turrets so weak a stiff breeze can knock them over? Why is Baron a free objective based on your team composition? Why are you trying to make LCS the premiere money maker, at the cost of your player base? I own 117 skins. I've dropped quite a bit of cash on this F2P game and I've felt it was worthwhile as I was supporting a company that made a game I enjoyed thoroughly. I've been playing since Jinx was released. She's been my favorite champion, and arguably the one I have the most experience on and time with. I can't play her anymore in this meta. I've been, for all intents and purposes, an ADC main for almost my entire career. There used to be a time when I had to worry about what match up I was in. How I had to build based on enemy composition, how I had to position, how to rotate across the map. Now? Is my support capable of putting a shield on me? Yes? That's all that matters in bot lane. That and which mid laner pushes their lane first and comes to roam bot for free kills and free first tower. As an ADC, today, the only person you can 1 v 1 is the opposing ADC, and even then it's a 50/50 based on what items you have. Let's face it. The game is not in a healthy state right now. While the LCS/LCK/LPL/EULCS are entertaining to watch, when it comes to playing the game itself, its a chore. There's no potential for comebacks anymore. There's no potential to stall the game and wait for someone on your team to get their items and solo carry. If your team isn't at Baron pit at 20 minutes when it spawns, it goes to the enemy team instead and now you're losing turrets, map pressure, and jungle objectives. If you don't have champions that can powerspike at 1 item and the enemy team does, enjoy watching them snowball. While I understand what riot was trying to do with this meta, to make it fresh and exciting, its done nothing of the sort. Instead its only changed which champions are abused and spammed. I haven't played a normal game in weeks. I can't. Because I'll get angry at dying to a full tank Maokai that takes half my health bar. I'll get angry at the level 3 towerdive coming from ignite Alistar. I'll get angry at Yi/Taric mid killing everyone at 10 minutes. And that's what it boils down to. The game, makes me, angry. When I get my ass kicked in DBFZ its because someone was better than me. When I get my ass kicked in league its because Sejuani's base stats. There's no outplay anymore. There's no skill involved anymore. Pick the OP champ, or lose. I wish I could say I'm sorry for not spending any more cash on skins and wards and emotes riot, but I'm not sorry. You've brought this on yourselves. Even if tomorrow the balance team comes back from their permanent vacation and fixes the game, I won't be spending any more cash. No more. TL;DR: OP is whiny bitch.

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