Pyke is a stupid idea (sorry if image doesn't work, I've never posted here and don't know how images work) There should be no reason as to why I can go 15/0 and not have items for a solid 15 minutes in a game and still easily destroy everyone despite being 3 items down. This champion is nuts, especially in Aram considering damage doesn't affect me when I can just go out of vision and heal back to full (which is something you should not be able to do in aram). His ultimate base execute damage is stupidly high, hence why I can easily kill people without items, and just becomes even stupider with items in the fact that I run at them with W, auto, q, r, and the enemy just falls dead while I just profited 600 gold and given my teammate 300 gold as well. Not to mention, his gold generation is stupid as well. It's not as apparent in Aram considering each kill is worth a lot less and most games there's not much gold difference between players, but in summoners rift he can easily get a gold advantage even if he's half the kills of their carry and without taking any farm. It's stupid how much gold he gets himself, and how much gold he can give allies despite taking all the kills. He doesn't just snowball stupidly himself, he snowballs his entire team, and they can be complete apes but he can still win because his entire team has much more items than the enemy. Please. Nerf. Pyke Or better yet, rework him. Assassin support was a bad idea from the start.
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