Teemo needs a buff

I often rag on champions that are too strong. Most of you just think Im triggered or hate riot because of the language I use. Or I only hate certain champs because its inconvenient to me. Sorry to break it to you, but I am very fair minded. And certain champions are broken. And certain champions are weak, they consistently under perform. I have seen teemo get shit on in top lane for like 2 years now. Hes never a threat, hes never a worry. Why is he allowed to stay so irreverent? Teemo needs a buff. Olaf needs a slight buff. And guess what, these clowns are still busted {{champion:223}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:81}} ETC. Reality is reality. You can talk allll you want about how so and so can be countered or outplayed. Irrelevance, things dont exist in a vaccum mistakes will be made and champions with stronger and better abilities will rise to to top, as we see in the win rates. But please downvote me because I hate Riot and think they are a joke
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