so i just had this game reminding me why is the current stat of botlane healthy for the game

i picked urgot one of my champs as usual doing my thing top lane against fiora ,killed her about 5 times in lane while being aware of the jgler(taliyah) everything was good , our jgl was pyke he was getting some kills too now when we took the mid turret we were low twitch showed up from no where and last hitiing us he got 800 gold and 675 from the bounty , after he got this , the game was done , it dosnt matter if our full team were fed and doing well it dsont matter that u won top or did good jgl , twitch got two items and started one shotting pepole from stealth , iwas building hp and armor/mr but he still one shot u regadless why would anyone wants tankiness or armor anymore when ur gonna get one shotted anyways rather buy full damage and try to one shot him first ,it's so sad cause if i got that 800+675 as urgot or any non bs adc champ i wouldnt be able to one shot tanks and solo carry the game he was very hard to even reach cause he is ranged btw and this brings us to the thread , when an adc gets fed the game is over no matter what , they are impossible to shutdown unless u have enough burst to burst them before they burst you when a bruiser get fed botlane u can still win the game by playing good and making good plays this is why they are fun to play against unlike when the adcs get fed it's gg
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