@Balance Team, you can keep increasing Karma's values and it won't solve the problem

On 5.10, the idea was to buff her late game. On 6.6 PBE notes, the idea was STILL to buff her late game. This means y'all are highly aware 5.10's changes did not accomplish what it set out to do. Without even buffing RQ, you have realized RQ is the only thing Karma likes to use at late game. Contextual changes for RW have proven that no matter how much you try to increase its overall value, RW is still an unsatisfying spell to use while RE has proven to be much more likeable when it dealt damage. What's funnier? The fact that on these two occasions, RQ was left untouched and the entire focus went to making RE/RW better. What's the intended message? Your changes to Karma are not effectively doing it's job. Karma needs better tools and reliable damage at her disposal, which is something she lacks. You can ignore our discussions regarding Karma all day, assign Rick to do same thing over and over again ie: supercharging her ratios and values, and Karma will still feel unsatisfying to play and even moreso thematically bland with each changes you roll out. At .8 ratio, she has the beefiest shield in league, if not for a short duration. Allowing her to have 1.1 ratio is unnecessary because it will bring about complains and problems in the long run. You are only reducing the presence of counterplay in the scenario when Karma uses Defiance, simply because 1.1 ratio is simply too big a value and will lead to long term frustration. Learn to look at Old Karma's .8 ratio shield for 5 seconds. You do not need 1.1 ratio to be a better shield. There are many ways you can help Karma achieve that late game fantasy, but as long as you let Rick charge up numbers, that's not gonna happen. It's better off for you to assign different members to work on Karma, because Rick can only do so much. You are dealing with one of the champions that you know the least, and continue rolling out these changes will serve to upset half of the playerbase.
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