This patch needs to be hot fixed or risk serious long term consequences

We begged for this patch to not go through. We voiced how it was a terrible idea. Three days in and we are still voicing how terrible this is. G bay posted a really well made video on how league can die. Saying the worse thing a video game can do to kill themselves, is ailenate their audience in favor of a very specific niche group. And behold that's exactly what they are doing. That's exactly what this patch did. Riot do the right thing, revert this patch, and take it back the the drawing board. Other wise risk long term consequences of losing players, destroying the truth and faith your audience has with you. Hell even me a avid league lover is just heavily debating on simply finishing his promos, and than skipping this whole entire patch if it insn't hot fixed. Even a friend of mine who has been here since season one, when I told him. "i honestly don't think riot is going to revert this patch" He simply told me "that's what will drive me to quitting then". Another friend, diamond player, wanted to climb to masters this year. I asked him. "how should I approach this patch competitively?" His answer was "just play fortnite". This could actually, quite literally be the patch, that legitimately hurts the league fan base as a whole in numbers. PLEASE and I repeat PLEASE do not do what you did with dynamic que and allow this "new and diverse crab " to stay for the whole year.
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