Sion Comet Cheese

Why is sion allowed to have a 725 range skillshot on an 8 second cd with an armor shred and a 60% slow and only 50 mana cost? 725 range on a spammable comet poke.. Is Sion a melee champion or not? Does nobody think that maybe this is just way too abusable and then we give him comet spam? Comet spam that does damn near a quarter of your health without him building any damage items? Like sion's aren't even playing their mechanics or stacking anymore, they just spam their E and harass their way through lane with nothing but cheese. Literal cheese, it's just spamming comet. Is this what this game has become? That we don't even play the mechanics like intended anymore? We just mash an op spam button so we can auto win without any skill? How can you people respect yourself doing this?
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