Please Nerf Ardent Censor

For the majority of season 7 {{item:3504}} which has been the most overpowered item in the entire game and still after the nerfs it is arguable the most over powered item in the game. Legit bot lane is so boring now with nothing but shields and healers, a class that isn't that interactive. Shielders and healers are really the only thing viable/easiest thing to abuse the higher the elo you get (I'm currently in diamond) and all I see are supports that abuse this item. Please I don't care if riot even makes the item slightly under powered nerf it because the support meta is so stale and bot lane match up are normally boring as well. Nothing but AC abusers and stupid hyper-carries. I wouldn't mind letting tank supports have a bit of the spotlight (when I mean tank supports I mean ALL tank supports not just the few that can abuse AC such as {{champion:44}} {{champion:497}} . I also wouldn't mind seeing more offensive supports like brand or adc that don't use AC efficently like {{champion:202}}. Sorry about the vent I just find bot lane to be so boring now and I believe it's all because of this item {{item:3504}} . If riot were to make AC weaker or something one would call a situational item I believe there would be a lot more diversity when it comes to supports. It could also act as a nerf to everyone's favorite champ that can assassinate a whole team just by pressing R {{champion:29}} . This post is just me venting sorry once again I'll stop ranting. I still think AC is one of the main reasons people complain about adc since it's so stupidly strong yet boring.
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