Ghost Nerf was an Indirect Nerf to Singed

Recently I started picking up Singed after a several month hiatus and kept finding that I felt incredibly slow when trying to avoid enemy attacks with ghost. Finally I went back and seen ghost had been nerfed! Like really ghost? One of the least used spells in the game with the exception of a couple core champions it works well on here and there? After looking around I've been seeing some of the top Singed content creators doing horribly compared to their usual means, and a lot even quitting the champion altogether completely because of this nerf (As if Singed wasn't already in a really bad spot). I honestly believe this nerf was an indirect nerf to Singed. I could understand if you want people's winrate to fall with hecarim or something, but you don't nerf an odd ball summoner spell that's a key component to one of the least played champions in the game to ruin the only thing going for Singed's kit.
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