A list of things that tilt your support.

1. When the ADC is doing shit and the support is doing alright, but you decide to lump the support in when you type "/all report this bot int feed". 2. When we pick Taric early in the draft, so YOU think it's okay to run glass cannons in every single other position. 3. When we go out to ward and the ADC decides that THEIR TIME IS NOW. 4. When we are at ward cap, but we still get flamed for the dark map. 5. When we get flamed for the dark map the moment our wards expire. 6. When we get flamed for not being alive to peel after we sacrifice ourselves to block a Caitlyn ult. 7. When you lastpick ADC Mordekaiser without letting us know and then complain about how "ugh you should've gone Blitz". 8. When we pretend to not despise our carry for 25 minutes only to have mid flame them into afking. 9. When you spam ping our Exhaust when you get caught and die out of range. 10. When you flame your Zilean for not ulting you, the 2/12/3 Quinn mid who built full lethality against a Rammus. 11. When you flame us for being a useless healer when refuse to walk out of the Varus E. 12. When your Taric bonds to you, lines up a stun, and then you flash over a wall. 13. When we get flamed for no wards 5 minutes into the game, when our trinket is on CD and we don't have a sightstone yet. 14. When you pick Draven, Vayne, or Kalista and you aren't an exception. 15. When you make absolutely sure to position yourselves directly behind us at all times against a Bard. 16. When you see a Pantheon, Vi, and Fizz on the enemy team and legitimately think "Jinx should be fine, I have a Soraka after all." 17. When someone plays Twitch for the first time in six months and walks into melee range of the Zed, not realizing how the stealth works. 18. When our danger pings are met with "stfu", and the proceeding grey screen is met with "noob supp no vision." 19. When you expect us to pick the support YOU want. Sorry, not all of us are willing to first time Thresh or MF in ranked. 20. When you flame us for playing comfort picks. 21. When you flame us for roaming. 22. "Yo Cait upgrade trinket" "Muted". 23. When someone doesn't like your support pick and proceeds to run it down mid. 24. When you run out of our redemption for no particular reason. 25. GRAB THE GODDAMN LANTERN. Got any more?
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