Punishing Bad Play

I get really angry at Botlaner's and Jungler's who kind of just let their laner's do whatever they want to, then get surprised when i'm angry at them for it. PUNISH THEM!!!!!! 0 Mobility Mid-Laner is perma shoving your Midlaner under tower? Kill them, punish them, show your face. It relieves pressure off of your laner and puts just a little bit more on the enemy mid-laner if all you do is show them your watching. When i play jungle that's what i do, i'm not perfect by any means(obviously) but i know that this is a key to success. Your Enemy Support is consistently roaming for long periods of time? Punish the ADC! Kill them, show your face. Same concept, there's 0 reason you should be afraid of a Lone ADC when you see the support in mid lane, 2v1 man screw that ADC's day up, make them flame their Support for leaving them, gank them as the jungler, PUNISH THEM! Your laner is roaming consistently as a Solo Laner? Shove their waves under tower, take turret plates, warn your team with Pings, make it so they lose as much as possible from what their doing and make as likely as possible that they don't get anything from it. (PS: This is how you win the Assassin VS Mage match up.) Eventually, even if they get a few kills from roaming, they'll be so far down in CS, not have a turret to stand behind and you'll be so far ahead in EXP and Gold from doing this that it doesn't matter that they got a good roam off. I might be bronze and i might hate playing ranked but these get on my nerves when other people don't know to do them and sure, i get it, sometimes it might as well be impossible to expect this to be done but as a Bronze Player.

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