Where is the skill?

Since {{champion:67}} can one-hit KO a champ with ONE basic attack. Just goes to show that Riot has allowed this game to become a rediculous joke that isn't about skill anymore. If this game was like SMITE and you had to aim your auto-attacks, then that might be acceptable but it just shows how downhill League has become. Its ridiculous that there are champions in this game, not only Vayne that only need to right click in order to strip somebody of at least half their health. This game is truly disgusting. Its been allowed to be corrupted by impatient self-entitled kids that do not want to work for anything or wait for anything. Games have become shorter and more boring as its usually, whoever 4 mans bot first, wins. I just cannot justify playing this mess anymore, its just not worth it. ((I know, its "gonna get nerfed" but I have such little faith in a company that continually makes these kinds of mistakes and ruins the game for people that arn't assassin-maining hyperactive 10 year olds. It will just be one thing after another with Riot.))
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