Riot, I don't like where you're going with all these passes and exclusive skins.

Okay, I get it has no impact on actual gameplay, but I feel like Riot is slowly becoming Fortnite now, with all these passes. Their prestige skins are also extremely annoying, as they're basically more expensive re-coloured skins. I have no issues with spending money on Riot's game content, and have probably spent around 300$ in the past two years or so. Artists work hard, and Riot needs money, which I can respect, but when they start to release such an abundant amount of exclusively pay-locked content, it gets extremely annoying, and I'd assume especially for the free to play people, who are still crucial to a game's health. I don't mind the occasional good pay-locked content, but Riot has literally been shitting out recoloured or tweaked skins and selling them for the price that one would pay for a new, unique skin. Also, the passes are just insanely annoying to buy, as you know there'll be a new one in two months time to buy. Also, please excuse this comparison, but last time I saw a game start throwing out content like this and offering one pass after another, (Vainglory) the game was in a state of decay, and the passes basically killed it, despite a small group of people saying "THE GAME'S NOT DYING" (Queue times were up to 20 minutes)
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