No More PvE?

First up, please don't ignore me Riot. If you read this please look at the effort I've put into this post and give me some response. About me: I have been playing league since season 1. I have 4102 hours of league I was in the top 10 most hours spent on league last year but I haven't been playing very regularly anymore. I had insane amounts of fun playing the Star Guardian Game Mode when it was released on 25 September 2017. And when Odyssey was released on the 12th of September I was not disappointed, when I saw the announcement on Facebook I had never been more excited, that much excitement is a feeling I had never felt before. Side-note: The missions made it 10x more enjoyable. I realized that they were both released in September and being the optimistic person I am, I assumed that there would be another PvE game-mode. THEN!!!! I was reading your "State of Game Modes" post ( and I got the impression that there will be no more PvE game modes coming to league any time soon. Needless to say I was very, extremely, massively disappointed. I immediately went to my league group chat (remember the tribe system Riot created to make league feel more like a community for people? Yes, it has a use - to unite PvE lovers and strategize how we are going to win without a Sona or Ziggs and only 1 Jinx) to tell them the bad news. This leads me to another point. THE COMMUNITY, there's nothing that unites players like a PvE game where you work together to achieve these goals, if you fail, you fail together and thus, learn together. Never had I experienced this making friends on league before until these game modes. PLEASE RIOT give me an answer. This has really upset me, what do I look forward to now? {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} I pray you surprise me with something :3. I still love you but I am just disappointed right now.
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