Pantheon needs a mini-game (and I have an idea)

Kha'Zix and Rengar have a mini-game to prove who's the true alpha predator. Ashe, Sejuani, and Lissandra have a mini-game which is supposed to "determine who rules the Freljord". Now we have one of the best opportunities for a mini-game for Pantheon and... Riot missed a golden opportunity. In his lore, Atreus is deemed unworthy by the gods and is basically a spectator to what the Pantheon does with his body. Aatrox and the Pantheon fight and Pantheon is killed. He has lines in his kit which he only uses when Aatrox is on the field. Give us a mini-game... I call it "the Rematch". Atreus must kill Aatrox to prove his worth to the gods and to prove the Aspects wrong about his worthiness. If Atreus wins, he gains a heavenly glow signalling that Targon finally acknowledges his worthiness. Aatrox must kill Atreus to prove that none can stand against the World Ender. He gains a boost to the size of his sword to show that he has slain an Aspect. This mini-game only becomes activated after Pantheon and Aatrox hit level 11. What do you guys think?
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