Honor tracked gone, sucks, cured no toxicity but added more.

It's gone, when people look at your profile and see how much teamwork, friendly, helpful, and honorable opponents, that they earned hard over the years, it's just gone..... now a solo player{{champion:32}} = complete scrub to premades {{item:3070}}. People WILL still click no for honoring, and you can honor only once, and it can't even be the enemy team. With the rewards of keyfrags stuck to honor system, chests are completely even more pointless than the time when keyfragments were having a problem of being nearly nonexistant... It shoulda just been you know,old permanent mythical emblems (changeable too if they met the requirement of the other 4 types at least once) for old time players that got it at least once while the new emblem for the newer honor types instead of trashing the entire concept of honor, what's it gonna be Rito, can't even assimilate the old client, now honor 2(but dareth not look at thine leaverbuster); guess we'll trash it with a buggier 1 while over half the community is in dismay over what you do while making up stuff with no proof that people wanted this dearly.Did Rito even check the charts for how many players even honor for the entire season out of how many play? I guarantee you that there are more reports than honoring and premade honoring combined! Earning honor was truly glorious,satisfying,and noble like; it reflected upon who you are to the people, not this awful, gimmick other games knock off voting at the end screen. Now it feels absolutely worthless in this toxic, frustrating game to have some condescending premade newbie with lvl5 honor just trash talk you saying "x9 Noob k ty for afk with 100 ms,feeding, and also called me a N" even though Noob listed their real ping 700ms while trying to be their own lawyer 1v9, and the enemy team's like sheeple oh ok, he has lvl 5 honor, better listen. Guess old players don't even have an edge of their own honor anymore to prove that they were better,trustworthy, just by looking at their profiles honor,it wasn't about the rank, the wins.. but the player honestly.To see how they once shined in this cesspool of pernicious rage, gives hope for the enemy and your team, for a good game... Chivalry is officially dead, guess you can't earn any more key fragments for getting gud or playing unowned champs for others too. Us low elo players, this, this is all we had to prove that we were better than those that spout toxicness and fires, and now some meta slave chump is just gonna be at the top even though, their personality reflected upon their honor is purely putrid compared to a heart of pure gold.
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