Riot now it would be the best time to rework On-Hit items...

You basically deleted one decent Defensive On-Hit item {{item:3091}} that champions like... {{champion:110}} {{champion:96}} (not saying they bought this item all the time but it was there when they needed it) could use when facing a lot of AP based enemies. ###Now if you want to play an On-Hit Playstyle on the champs above you literally only have 3 items right now to choose from (Crit Users can make use of 6 Crit items, double the amount that On-Hit users have to choose from)... >{{item:3153}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3115}} >(I don't even count {{item:3085}} Runaan's Hurricane anymore because it has stats of a Crit Orientated Item, but it's only purchased to apply X Current On-Hit damage to multiple units). >* {{item:3153}} Is the only decent On-Hit item that exists. * {{item:3124}} Rageblade needs a rework and that's something everyone agrees on (Phantom-Hit Effect is and will be a problem). * {{item:3115}} Useless on it's own or alongside other On-Hit items because it scales with a stat that neither of the champions below will buy. * {{item:3085}} Runaan's Hurricane gives you Crit Stats when all you are basically building is On-Hit damage (that doesn't Crit), and it's own On-Hit 3 Unit damage scales with 40% of your AD. * {{item:3124}} Rework it to give you AS Cap removal at 6 stacks instead of Phantom On-Hit. * {{item:3115}} Rework it or add an alternative item that would support more of the AS/AD side. * {{item:3085}} Rework or Add an alternative similar item to it (similar to how you have several Tiamat Options). ##If not rework any of the above items, can we atleast get more options. None of these On-Hit items even synergize well together.

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