Please nerf my main champion

Jarvan is OP. You never hear anyone complain about him. Yet he's constantly picked in competitive play, enjoys a good win/pick rate, and is incredibly powerful for how easy his kit is. His attack speed steroid is absolutely absurd. His level 2 burst is insane. He can build bruiser, assassin, or tank, and excel at all 3. He can defend turrets with modest wave clear. He can dive turrets with impunity. His W shield is massive if you hit 5 people. If he ever goes low in a fight he can drop his E basically anywhere and get free triumph heals. Even if you build him tank, he can 75% someone with one combo. If you build him bruiser, he can 100-0 a squishy. If you build him lethality, he can 100-0 basically any squishy he ults, or multiple with almost zero counterplay. I'm currently enjoying a 60%+ win rate on this champ because he's legit broken. Until then, I'll enjoy my freelo train.
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