Opinions of the ARAM Changes.

I'm almost positive no one reads these but here goes anyways. Overall I am positive with these changes with some things here and there still getting to me. 1. I love having Bans. I read the ARAM Feedback a lot and I hear a crap ton of "Boo Hoo my toxic champ I like that I barely get/or always get because I'm on an ARAM account gets auto banned!" No moral or Logical reason. I just like having Veigar/Lux auto banned. It keeps my sanity in check. Yeah people say its "All Random" but I think giving that up for the betterment of the player base who don't wanna punch a whole through their computer is a nice tossup for Riot getting Bmed by the people who already give them shit. you know who you are... 2. No one is using Mariners Vengeance properly. I can't particularly tell if it's the items fault or most of the player base has the intelligence of a gopher. I get what its supposed to do but it never feels threatening due to the fact that getting randomly poked to death from a distance makes the item feel no where near being called a "Counter-Part" to a Guardian's angel. Maybe have it only proc when you're nearby a champion/or being an active because as is I have seen too many Melee dudes "Think" about walking in then panic as they now have a death timer and are no where near a champ to throw hands at. 3. Dealing more damage to Towers is the Worst. I discussed this with my friends when the ARAM changes were announced and we agreed that this would be the single worst change added. And we were right. If you play a lot of ARAM tell me if this ever feels familiar to you BEFORE the changes. Its around 8 minutes your going back and forth. People are dying back and forth, towers are getting chipped at. Suddenly, you're team gets aced and you lose 2 towers and an Inhibitor and you're now trying to rebound as your left confused thinking "wait were we losing this hard a minute ago?". I get it, You want games to end faster but this feels a little heavy handed as along with minion changes the games get REALLY hard to rebound from. 4. The assassin changes. I'm not going to yell at you riot. Its not perfect but ya did well. Not every Assassin is playable(My girl eve is struggling) but it no longer feels like a loss with one on the team as with Ghostwalkers they can do there damn job of getting to the back line. 5. Backtrack. Was gonna bring it up on the Assassin section but... Nah. I love this summoner, Its barrier but better. I used it on AP Shyv and Had a blast jumping in murdering someone and poofing back. Its great for Melee and Assassin's alike. Final thoughts and Opinions. Overall I like the idea of what's happening here. Shortening the gap between the top and bottom. The only thing I'd like to be adjusted is the Minion speed and Damage to towers. Its something extra and I don't expect it to be changed because I understand why but. Multiple tanks on a team is actually the worst.

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