"Vayne should never be meta, when she is, theres a problem" - scarra

http://www.op.gg/champion/vayne/statistics/adc Well here we are. Near 25% pick rate with 51.5% win rate. This is especially strong for an adc due to the fact that 2 adcs are in nearly every single game, meaning pr and wr are in relation to other adcs. Shes not necessarily mega broken, but she can use a tone down, especially after preseason. Fleet footwork or PtA (for even more dmg) along with the damage trees in general allow vayne to excel at murdering squishies just as if not even harder than tanks. Her burst potential with her ultimate active can get a little silly. Honestly, they should remove the ult AD gain entirely and give her 1 or 2 % more damage on her w to put her back to an on hit build, which although aggravating to face, is probably a lot healthier than her current build and playstyle which revolves around crit two/three shots with the true dmg being icing on the cake that matters only against the heaviest of tanks. PS If youre looking for the scarra quote, its from an old patch notes review of his from when riot reverted a tumble ad ratio buff in season 6. EDIT Here is a more detailed explanation of why scarra said what he said, and why I reiterate his wisdom now. "While in an ideal world, every champ would be meta, the reality is that champs like vayne fill a niche role that they exceed very well in. If they are meta, that means they fill their niche role and also excel outside of it, and that usually means they're overpowered. When I and scarra say that vayne should never be meta, what is actually being said is that vayne is a niche character that should only be picked by either one tricks or into situations where she can fulfill her niche very well. If you think it's idiotic, then you must also think that rammus should excel into a 4-5 man AP team, and darius should excel against a poke heavy team. After all, every champ should be allowed to be meta no matter what right?" DOUBLE EDIT https://youtu.be/A5Gb1r1aNtk?t=982 For those interested, he talks more about vayne in the beginning as well. "Whenever vayne is meta, riot's balance team has to take note of that because vayne should never be a meta champion..."
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