What To Do When There's Nothing You Can Do

Hey, I'd like to seek some advice from players who are no doubt more skilled than I. Recently I had a bad string of games that kind of put me on tilt. It was a few matches in a row where it felt like I was completely powerless. Like I would get blown up the instant I was actually in range to do anything, but if I don't get closer I'm not helping my team at all. I just felt so ... weak. If I get focused I die instantly. If I get ignored then I do no damage and then die after my team is dead. It just felt like I was of no use to my team and that I might as well sit on the fountain and deny the enemy gold for killing me. Do other people feel this way sometimes? How do you get out of it? How do I approach the enemy team? I don't want to feel useless but I don't know how to fight an enemy that can effortlessly kill me.

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