Not even Lissandra can counter Zed anymore...

Usually the ice mage had been my solid pick against him. Not necessarely OP and by far not a free win in lane, but a solid pick with a kit working great against his. Also, you can't really counter an assassin in lane. they just roam and murder your botlane that then keeps flaming you despite them not having any wards or map awareness... Now Zed just gets Hexdrinker and Merc Boots and sits on 103 MR without dealing any less damage... If I remember correctly Liss had always been his hardest counter in lane. But if not even that works anymore...? I don't even know what to pick against this champ anymore. I either counterpick myself or can pick something that barely, BARELY goes even with him. But there's nothing I could pick that would be actually strong against him. GJ Riot, your balance team playing favourites finally ruined midlane completly. Now there is one champ who's the best and that's it.
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