new item for assassin

item name : REBORN BY FATE cost: 3400 +40 attack damage +400 health +10 Cooldown Reduction UNIQUE passive : after killing enemy champion or get assist gain (rage for 4 second duration) after rage active gain 50% of your base attack damage as bonus attack damage and deal damage to himself 5% of his maximum health and gain+20% movement speed rage dose`t have cooldown reduction > NOTE : MELEE CHAMPIONS ONLY >attack damage assassin : that item can help assassin to carry the game they cant get that item early game cause they need some lethality items. > bruiser : they can if bruiser get that item early game they con`t fight while they have low health they might kill them self. strong item but damage yourself (5% per sec of maximum health) that can be bad for assassin and bruise and it`s good item for late game early game.
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