These Aurelion Sol Changes Feel Awful.

To be fair this champion's felt pretty bad to me for awhile, he's not my style but i decided to try him out again because of the changes. Jesus christ where do i begin. I'm no Aurelion Sol main or anything but when something FEELS bad to play, you know it. First, Aurelion Sol always felt awkward because his only real form of damage is his W for the sustained Damage. His Q is slow and the only reason you'd ever use it is to engage but it's not that reliable, or to protect yourself(Much better). With his W changed to be short burst of speed to the movement of his Star's instead of a small burst of speed that you can keep on so long as you have mana. It makes his Star's a lot harder to hit and a lot less reliable, especially against really Mobile champions that can just jump into your face and then you have the Aurelion Sol problem where your basically useless at that point. Then we have the issue where a Looooong time ago Aurelion Sol's damage was nerfed on his Q and R, and that those abilities tend to lack in the damage department, forcing you to rely on your more unreliable W now. I feel like these changes make him feel a lot worse to play, a lot less smooth and overall ruin the champion. Side Note(Unrelated kind of) : Aurelion Sol probably needs more than just base changes to how his Kit works in order to function properly and feel good at the same time. I also feel as though he's one of the few recent champions that could use a tiny rework to a few of his abilities.
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