Don't remake Nocturne's kit

Riot, there is a reason why Nocturne had the fewest votes for being reworked. I get that you're trying to "fix" and update champions and modernize them. But for the love of God, as a hardcore Nocturne main, please don't mess with his kit too much. Yeah, there are a million people who will complain about how Nocturne can jump on them, but his ultimate is such an iconic ability. The thrill of playing Nocturne is all about diving onto people and then seeing if you can kill them and get away in one piece. If you take that away, he just won't be Nocturne anymore. Mess with his damage, tweak some of his numbers, give him a visual update if you must... But don't replace that ultimate. And while we're at it, the rest of his kit is just so NIFTY. I love that spell shield. I love doing mobility tricks with the trail on his Q. I love putting the fear on someone and masterfully juking their skill shots until it triggers. His passive provides awesome clear and sustain, which is exactly what a squishy champ like Nocturne needs. Riot, you've reworked quite a few champs. Some were good choices. Some were just bad. I admit, I am TERRIFIED that you're going to get to Nocturne in your list of champions to "update" and destroy his whole identity in the process. Please, learn from what you've done right and what you've done wrong, and don't kill what Nocturne is. CALLING ALL NOCTURNE MAINS! STAND UP FOR YOUR CHAMPION'S IDENTITY!
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