Irelia nerfs way too much...

I agree that Irelia needed a nerf but seriously.. this time it's too much I'm honestly fine with her passive and Ult change, but the Q change is way too brutal Her Q is her mobility, and getting resets in a large part of her kit and safety (and dueling). After playing a few Irelia games, I've found that her waveclear has decreased significantly. She used to be able to one shot a caster minion with trinity force, and that was very important in fights and trading (imo). Plus, Irelia wins level one hard in most matchups but she loses to most other top laners in the general laning phase, the nerfs are too much. Maybe I just need to get used to it or something but right now I am very pissed (and frustrated) I'm a mess rn this is very unorganized TL;DR revert the Q changes please I dont mind the passive and Ult change and no her W doesn't need a buff :'(
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