@RiotRepertoir, 2 out of 4 Reworked Assassins have been reverted

{{champion:107}} and {{champion:7}} have been reverted, and you know what? I LOVE IT. Today I played vs a leblanc on midlane, and I so much enjoyed her bursting my HP bar, the way she tries to outplay me with her positioning and location switching. and actually, it even made me laugh a bit, why? because it's their goddamn job to do that! to burst you down as a squishy and outplay you. Seeing how a lot of Rengar and leblanc mains actually started having fun playing their champs again is what this game is all about, and to be honest... I envy the fuck outta them. I never played the new {{champion:55}} nor will but from what her mains are saying and the community, she's pretty strong and she's become a better assassin after the rework, im not sure if more fun but give me your thoughts? Now what's left is {{champion:91}} , and It would be unfair if you didn't give him the same treatment, or at least fix his [W] speed and [E] allowing you to use spells mid-air. OR just mini-rework him again.

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