Pyke is now dead

I main pyke jungle and this new rework absolutely killed him. His minion clear was horrendous before but i was still able to manage. Now he does less damage to creeps so now the minion clear takes even longer. Another thing is pyke is pretty garbage with 1v1 fights considering is Q and E do basically no damage and the W only works if you flash out of a fight. And with the ult doing less damage now he is basically worthless. Its pretty hard now to ult someone because they need to be at pretty much 10 - 15% health, usually their health regen or heals brings their health back above the threshold. I even had an Allistar kill me. Whats the point of a pyke ult when any other champion in this game can just auto the last kill, at this point the ult is only good for sharing gold and nothing else. Anyone else frustrated with this nerf? i feel like pyke is completely useless now. I'm honestly a little booty tickled at this nerf it hit me pretty hard.
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