Rune Refunds: Unpopular Opinion

I, for one, feel it was useful to have runes for my 4 years of playing League, and it would not have been worth it to play without runes for 4 years just so I could have a little more IP when this system changes. People are acting selfishly by wanting full refunds. I only have about 30 champions left to buy (starting in Season 3), and I haven't used RP on a single champion. Players who claim to be from Season 1 are wanting full refunds, even though they likely own all if not most champions in the game. Also, you have been rewarded in game for having runes every game you use them. Many people are using the same logic as the person who wears a t-shirt for 3 years, then goes back to the store and tries to refund it because it doesn't fit anymore (There are people that try this btw). But it does not make any sense Thanks in advance for the downvotes!
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