Trolling because you think some one is going to troll

Why do this? so what the support is picking a off meta champion you dislike or think is troll. why does that make it ok for you to ACTUALLY troll then harass them all game? no one bats a eye when some one picks senna support, but go ashe support and they rage at you all game even if you are like 5/3/28 no one bats a eye if you pick poorly into the enemy. like picking blitz against a morg or Leona. but gods forbid you play a champion you are comfortable with that will help your team win why? why... if they actually trolling, who cares. wait till after and report them, yes, REPORT them. if people actually do this the trolls will get in trouble, but what if they playing serious? and do good? then you won. just cuz you didn't troll. and even if you don't win, if they played their role well then what? the game would be a lot more enjoyable if people focused on their selves instead of trying to blame every one else just cuz
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